Your Website Should Come Before Social Media

There are a number of businesses that start off with social media before even entertaining the idea of getting a website. The problem with this is that social media profiles have a specific purpose, to form connections and encourage interaction. A professional website is to inform people, create an online presence, and encourage conversions. There are a few other reasons it’s important to have a website before you start with social media.

Social media is a great marketing tool, but it shouldn’t replace a website. The purpose of your social media should be to engage and communicate with followers while encouraging them to go to your website for more information. Your social media is not owned by you, it’s owned by the social media site. These sites can change whatever they would like overnight – making it difficult to establish a clear brand presence or identity on social media. You have little control in the layout and feel of your social media profile. Owning a website means that the content, the design, navigation, etc. are all yours and you have creative control over everything. This is important when branding your business because it make your business look professional.

Your website should be you main priority before creating social media. Another reason for this is because social media popularity is always changing. People change their preferences and their social media goals, so one channel or avenue is not always the best option for you. Having a website is consistent and trust building. Regardless of the social media site you choose to use, your website will remain a constant, home base so to speak. You also get conversion through your website, and you may not be able to do this with social media. For instance, if you sell products you want a secure eCommerce site where people can spend their money, not only a social media site where people can only look at your products.

Overall, it’s important to have a website before you jump into social media. If you are having a hard time finding a reasonable, quality website designer and developer look no further. Fusion Group USA can help you design and build the site in addition to helping you market your site, including social media marketing. Call us today for a custom website estimate or more information!

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