Writing 101: Tips for Content Writing

Writing is easy, right? Especially on a topic that you’re already knowledgeable about.

That’s usually how the thinking goes when it comes to content creation – until you sit down to actually write something. And it only gets harder as you sit down each day (or week) it write something new. There are professional content creators who will help you create consistent and authoritative content for your website (including here at Fusion Group USA), but if you decide to try your hand at creating your own content (or blog) here are four writing tips for crafting quality, readable prose:

  1. Style – Styles vary widely and that is a good thing. Imagine if everyone wrote in the same style – what a boring world that would be! But not all styles are good options for your specific needs. It is import to find a style that works for you while also matching the content of your writing. Once you find a style that works for you and your brand, stick with it! Nothing is worse than trying to read content that is continually switching between styles – it sounds unprofessional and is difficult to scan quickly.
  2. Diction – Word choice matters. Thesauruses are great tools, but we have all read content where it was followed blindly and the odd word choices stood out. As with style, you want to pick words that correlate to your content. Is your writing professional and authoritative? Or casual and down-to-earth? If it is the former then pick formal words that reflect that, if the latter then feel free to add some pizzazz and everyday slang terms. Most likely your writing will be somewhere in the middle – so find a balance of diction that works for you.
  3. Tone – Think of tone as the attitude of your writing. Is it logical or emotional? Intimate or distant? Serious or funny? A good writer will shift their tone to suit the goals of the content: there is a time to present logical details in a serious manner and there is a time to be more emotional and personal, or to crack a good joke, the key is knowing when to do each.
  4. Voice – While closely related to tone, voice is your own personality coming out in your writing. Tone will shift with the content’s goals and objectives, but your voice remains relatively the same throughout. Good writing has personality, just applied in different ways. Just like you are the same person while at a formal dinner party and while watching the Sunday game, so your voice should come through whether you’re writing formal prose or a playful blog. Your voice is developed and nurtured over time, so give yourself time to play with different styles, dictions, and tones until you are comfortable shifting between them while maintaining a consistent voice.

Writing isn’t easy – nothing good ever is. But the surest way to get better is by doing it, so get out there are start writing. If the task is overwhelming – or just not in line with your strengths – consider hiring a professional to handle your writing and content creation needs. Fusion Group USA can help produce top quality, reliable content on a regular basis, contact us to see how we can help build your brand reputation through creative content marketing.

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