Work Attire – Custom and Practical

Custom printing is the easiest way to transform your employees from a rag-tag group of misfits into a professional, cohesive unit that represents your company. Think of it this way: when your team shows up at a client’s home or work do they want to see a group wearing whatever (mostly) clean shirt was closest to the bed that morning? Or would they rather see an easily identifiable group wearing fresh and custom shirts provided by their employer?

Beyond the trust that will be instilled in clients, there is a myriad of reasons to provide custom printed work attire to your employees.

Safety Apparel

Many jobs require employees to be in dangerous situations – and Fusion Group USA can provide a wide range of options that help to mitigate that risk. Options range from high-visibility colors to steel toe work boots and even specialty fire retardant clothes. Custom printed apparel shouldn’t come at the cost of safety and Fusion Group is prepared to offer workplace solutions that respect your need for safety and compliance.

On Brand and Identifiable

From color selection to logo placement and style – you want your brand to stand out. With both screen printing and embroidery options, Fusion Group USA has over 100 manufacturer’s styles to choose from – allowing you to customize the look for your custom apparel to exactly match your brand image. Don’t settle for cheap imitations that offer a limited range of brands, designs, or styles – at Fusion Group, if you can wear it we can print it!

The Right Fit

Wearing the wrong clothes for the job is an easy way to look unprepared and unprofessional. Graphic tees are great, just not for your next business meeting; a fresh oxford always looks sharp, but might be an odd choice in the gym. The same goes for work apparel – the best print job in the world won’t help if you’re wearing the wrong thing for the occasion. Our range of products covers everything from athletic wear to dress shirts to high-visibility t-shirts.

We can get your company looking good and looking prepared for the job. Contact us today to see how we can help improve your company’s image with custom printed and embroidered work attire.

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