Win Back Customers with Direct Marketing

Have you ever got a “Miss You” postcard or email from a business that you had stopped using a while back? In an effort to regain business, a lot of companies will employ email and direct marketing but if it’s not done right your lost customers will remain lost. There are a few strategic things you can add to a direct mail piece or an email that will hook the customer’s attention and intrigue them enough to try your business again!

  1. Be sure to personalize and include personable content!

You’re trying to win a customer back and you want to catch their attention. Adding their name or using their transaction history to find out what their buying preferences are will help catch their attention and consider your business once more. Making the customer feel important will help rebuild the trust with the customer. This is where keeping a customer database will come in handy. The content of your mailer or email should be warm and personable – make it a direct message to the customer. If you can, include a personal message from the owner/operator of the business. This is part of making the customer feel important.

  1. Include an exclusive offer.

Tailor your offer to your customers to peak their interest and be sure to add a short deadline to get them to act quickly. You don’t want to give them too much time to consider your offer. You want your offer to be worthwhile for the customer, after all you are asking for their business again – make is high value, appealing offer. Add a call to action to this offer – Call today to order! Visit our website to take advantage of this offer! Give easy ways for the customer to respond to the offer.

  1. Ask yourself: What went wrong?

There are a multitude of reasons and customer may have stopped doing business with you. Every year, a company will lose anywhere between 20-40% of their customers. Find out what the issue was by examining customer service records, call records, emails, etc. It could be an issue with your business specifically – customer service, product issues, service errors, pricing, etc. Or maybe the customer just hasn’t needed your products or services lately. If it is a problem with your business, what have you done to remedy the problem? Did you communicate this with the customer? If not, it would be beneficial assure them that the issue will not be a problem again and offer your special deal as an apology. If the customer just hasn’t needed you products or services, create a need! Let them know about other things you offer and what you can do for them. Remind them of all that you can offer.

  1. Remind them that you’re still around!

They may have gotten busy with life, like all of us do, and forgot about you! Remind them of where you are located and that they should act fast on that exclusive offer you sent them. Include your contact information and your website address so they can refresh their memory.

Direct marketing is a great tool for getting customers to take notice of your business, especially if they are customers that haven’t done business with you in a while. It gives you an opportunity to let them know you’re still around and willing to do what it takes to get their business back. Using some of these tips and hiring a professional graphic designer to come up with a great mailer could help you gain those customers back! Fusion Group USA can help with design, copywriting, printing, and direct mailing when you decide it’s time to get active about increasing your business. Call today to find out more about what we offer in direct marketing!

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