Why Your Great Looking Website is Probably a Lemon: Your Checklist for Optimal Website Functionality


An appealing website design will draw people in, but a website with substance will both increase dwell time and warrant action on their part.

The true test of a website’s value lies not only in its’ design, but also its’ functionality.

Does your website meet (or exceed) these function-testing factors?

If not, it is time to redesign!

  • Simplicity

To create simplicity, your website needs to balance out engaging, seamless design and digestible content.

If your content is flooded with jargon and your design includes empty, outdated links, your customers will leave.


  • Fast-Loading Pages

Test how long it takes for your pages to fully load.

If it takes too long, all that money you’ve put into design and content creation will be in vain because people won’t stick around.


  • Minimal Scrolling

Images, videos, and quality content form the meat of your website.

However, if the distance required to travel to access that entrée is too far, customers will become frustrated.

If you want visiting customers to become repeat, paying customers, make sure your website gets to the point with minimal scrolling between points of interest.


  • Screen Resolution Fluidity

An outdated website is notorious for display issues and will steer your customers in the opposite direction.

If your website is not displaying correctly across various devices and platforms, say goodbye to dwell time and great conversion rates.


  • Multi-Browser Compatibility

Flexible display is only one ingredient of the recipe for successful websites.

Pay attention to how accessible your site is, regardless of what browser it is viewed on.

If your website is only fully realized on Chrome, you lose out on potential customers using other browsers.

Instead of wondering what browser your site ‘has’ to be viewed on, ensuring multi-browser compatibility will place your customers’ attention back onto your products and services.


  • Consistent, Easy-to-Navigate Layout

If your website maintains consistency throughout every nook and cranny of its’ design, customers will associate solidity and dependability with your company.

Are all of your tabs clearly visible and accessible?

If your color scheme/layout hinders exploration, the best content imaginable will not be able to salvage the negative opinions that form about your brand.

Customers expect to be able to clearly find contact information, links to social media platforms, and product-oriented material on your website.


  • Mobile-Friendly Interface

Nowadays, the likeliness of customers visiting your website from their smartphones instead of their desktops is practically a given.

If your site isn’t mobile-friendly, you’re missing out on a gigantic segment of the population looking to research, or buy, online.

Statista.com surmises that nearly 54% of all e-commerce will take place on a mobile device, so if you don’t have a mobile version of your site, now is the time to get one!


Our dedicated team of web designers understand all the intricacies associated with the creation of functional, gorgeous websites.

Whether your goal for your website is lead generation or maximized conversion, placing your trust in our expertise will save you time, money, and effort.

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