Why Your Company Needs a Newsletter

Customers are more loyal to brands that they can personally relate to. Storytelling is one of the hottest topics in marketing, but too often the subject is whittled down and overly simplified.

Telling a brand’s story is more than creating nice narrative for your company’s backstory or producing a company video with lots of slow motion and acoustic music.

Your brand’s story should be found in everything they do. That means that you need to find channels and venues to inform your current and potential customers about developments within your company.
Start with the phrase, “I wish my customers understood…”

Do you get a lot of questions about pricing? Do people come in looking for a certain product two weeks after the seasonal rush has cleared your shelves of that product? Are your particularly proud of a new hire? Has there been a change in the industry that has been either beneficial or detrimental to some of the products and services your company offers?

An email newsletter is a great forum to communicate important information to your current and potential customers. However, it’s only effective if you can create content that is genuinely interesting and/or useful to those who take the time to read it. Here are a few tips for creating an engaging digital newsletter.



Humans like trivia, but they love useful information. A short how-to article, a feature on a change in the industry, or a photo of a subject that is particularly interesting to your customers are all good ways to inform your customers.

Remember, you don’t have to always have breaking news. Your business exists because you provide something that is difficult for customers to obtain without you. You can really show off your secret sauce by focusing on the complexities of what you do in an informative email newsletter.



Nobody will invest time in reading something dull. Your newsletter should reflect the character of your business. This may include humor or a certain level of informality, but it also may simply mean that you write the newsletter in a style that is approachable to your specific readers. Don’t feel that you have to explain the jargon of your industry if all of your customers speak the same language. The opposite is also true. If you are trying to branch-out into a new audience, you may want to change your language to make it fun and approachable to a totally different market segment than your usual target customer.



The ultimate objective of a digital newsletter is to bring in new customers. Be careful not to give away too much of your brand’s commodity. You want to show your readers what you know and give them just enough information that they feel empowered. But leave out details that may make your services obsolete.


There is always something to celebrate in your company. This goes beyond the obvious employee birthday or birth announcement. Do your best to be the voice of your industry to your customer. What’s new in your industry and how can you share that information with your customers? A newsletter can feature am announcements section that relays information that you know your customers will find valuable. If they want to know more, they will most likely contact you for the details.


Newsletters can be broad or deep. You may find that you only need to produce one newsletter every few weeks. If you are a larger business or serve a broader audience, you many find more success by targeting different segments of your market by distributing different variations of your newsletter. For example, an edition for younger customers, or an edition for potential customers.


Before your produce a newsletter, you will want to do some research. There are a number of services available for creating and distributing newsletter. Don’t forget, a newsletter is only as good as the content it contains.

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