Why Is SEO So Slow?

Search engine optimization is a slow process, but once you reach you’re goal it’s worth the wait. It’s a process of gaining trust, building notoriety, and gaining attention from search engines. There are a few reasons SEO is a slow process but still worth the work.

SEO is a process of building your site – the navigation, the content, the coding, etc. There are numerous factors that need to be taken into account when building a site that will start your SEO off in the right direction. Making sure that your site is user friendly, your content is keyword rich and relevant, and ensuring that your coding is done correctly will create a strong foundation. Focusing on content, it should be original and varied. Well-written, informational, and keyword-specific text is important in addition to including photos and videos that are properly tagged and coded to the site.

Another reason SEO is so slow is because there is so much already existing web content. There is so much published to web in a day, that it takes a while for search engines to index and rank the incoming content. Posting on a regular basis will help create a spot for you and gain attention from search engines. It’s important to update our website regularly and employ a content marketing strategy like blogging to publish new, fresh content regularly.

Building links is important to the SEO process as well, but this too takes time. You can link to relevant, credible sites, but the trick is getting other sites to link to you. If things go too quickly and you gain a large number of links in a relatively short period of time, Google pay penalize you for buying links instead of getting them organically. Building your online reputation may help with link building – let people know your site is out there on social media or through online marketing. Building links within your site is a start too.

SEO is a slow process all around. If you try and go too fast or use tactics like purchasing backlinks or keyword stuffing, search engines will not respond well. They will likely penalize you and then set you even further behind. It’s wise to work at is slowly and gain organic results. If you’re having a hard time with your SEO strategy, Fusion Group USA can help you out. We have web designers, developers, and marketers with the knowledge you need for a successful strategy. Use our contact us form or give us a call to get some more information!

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