What to Look for in a Web Design Agency

Every business out there knows they need a website – knowing is the easy part. The difficulty starts when it comes time to act on that knowledge when hiring a web design agency. There are so many options out there – from self-built to ten-thousand dollar works of art. If you’re tempted to go the do-it-yourself right, check out this blog post from early this year. I’m not saying no one should use Square Space – but just don’t be fooled by their lofty sounding claims.

So, once you’ve (wisely) decided to hire a professional web design agency, how do you know which one is right for you? There are thousands of competing voices all saying they are the best. But sadly, the majority of those voices are promising more than they could ever deliver. Finding the right web design agency depends on your business goals, but there are a few standards that apply across the board. Here are our top seven tips for finding the right company for your web design needs.

They’re Professionals

This one might sound obvious but go with a professional web design agency. That means somebody with an office, a name, a business card, etc. I know it is tempting to go with a college student working out his basement. But there is a reason he doesn’t have an office with a view – he hasn’t earned it. Go with a professional that has proven them in the field of web design.

They Have a Portfolio

Somebody could spend a week learning a bunch of web design jargon and craft a compelling pitch. But their websites are going to be horrible. Make sure you only hire a web designer that has live websites to show you. This will give you an idea of their design aesthetic, functionality, and skills. Once you’ve narrowed down your options, spend a significant amount of time browsing their portfolio – it will pay off in the long run, trust me.

They Balance Trends

Being trendy can be good, but being blown about by every new trend isn’t. You want a web design company that can balance the latest design trends with classic principles. Some people build websites like we’re still using Angelfire, while others build websites that are barely usable because they include every trend from the last two years.

They Understand Marketing

Beautifully designed websites are great, but chances are you’re not selling websites. Your site needs to balance beautiful design with your business goals. Whatever your web goals (lead generation, sales, audience building, etc.), your website should be built with them in mind. That means that your web design agency needs to understand customer behavior and marketing principles.

They Write Good Copy

Successful websites are tightly coded by experts in the field. But all that coding is in vain if your content is failing. Finding a single person who can write technical code and engaging copy is almost impossible – that’s why a good web design agency has copywriters on staff. Don’t invest thousands of dollars in a website that falls flat with poor copy.

They Listen to Your Needs

No one knows your business like you do. So, a good web design company will listen to your input when it comes time to design and build your website. That doesn’t mean they will never say no – because web designers know what works and what doesn’t. But they will always hear you out and offer advice, rather than dictating what must be done.

They Don’t Retain Rights

This one is more financial than design related, but it is actually one of the most important considerations. Many so-called web designers actually rent your site to you. They build a site (usually a pretty crappy one) and then charge a monthly fee for it. As soon as you stop paying, your site comes down. Real web designers don’t operate this way – there might be monthly payment plan but at the end of the payments you own your site. That’s how we do it at Fusion Group USA, we’re building a site for you and you’ll own it. Renting a website is betting on your business to fail.

Fusion Group USA Web Design

At Fusion Group USA, we hit all seven of these tips (or we at least strive to hit all seven). We professionals with a real office that you can come visit – we won’t disappear one night and never be heard from again. We have a portfolio of live website – you can view it here. We balance the latest trends with tried-and-true design principles. We have a marketing department that helps us build websites that serve to grow your business. We have professional copywriters on staff that are experts in crafting website content. We listen to your needs through the entire process – from initial design through the site launch. And we don’t rent sites – we sell custom made sites that will belong to you as long as you are in business.

We want to help your business succeed through a professional web design and development. But we want to win your business through our awesome work – let us show you in person what we can! Contact us today to set up a free web design consultation!

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