Is Your Website More Important than Your Business Card?

Don’t get me wrong, business cards are still important. They provide basic contact information and are great for making contacts and giving people something tangible to refer to. A while back we wrote a blog post that gave a timeline of the history of business cards – they’ve been around for a while because they are professional sources of important information. However, in this day and age websites are becoming more and more essential to businesses. Because websites don’t have the limitations that business cards do, there are a few reasons why websites are becoming more important than your business card.

  1. Websites have the ability to offer so much more information about your business. Because of the limited 2 x 3.5 inches you get with a business card, it’s unwise to load it up with a ton of info. Aesthetically and design-wise it just wouldn’t look good. But with a website, you can have multiple pages with different pieces of information, images, videos, or anything else you want to use to inform your target market.
  2. A website can expand on your brand in ways that your business card can’t. People can get an idea about what your brand image is from your card – the colors, fonts, and design can give people a basic idea of your brand image. A website can take that even further. You can market your brand image with your website and gain brand exposure and recognition.
  3. Website provide the ability to consistently and instantaneously update your information and inform your target market of any changes. It gives you a larger platform to reach out to a larger market and provide consistently updated information.
  4. Having a fresh, professional website takes the competition up a notch. It’s what sets you apart from other businesses that do what you do. Having a unique business card can also set you apart, but on a smaller scale. It will make you memorable, and more people will be prone to hang on to your business card. But where do they go to get more info? The internet! You want your website to be an extension of your unique business card, but expand on your image.
  5. With a website, you are able to have a quicker connection with people. If you hand someone a business card, you are giving them the control – when and if they will contact you. With a website, especially if you have a sign up feature for newsletters, promotions, or registration for your site you regain that control. You can contact them with information, promotions, or reminders. It also give users the opportunity to contact you quickly and easily using your contact form.

Business cards are still important to have – they offer a tangible, person-to-person contact that just having a website can’t do. They remain a staple in the professional world for a reason and they are still very relevant to doing business. Having a website is gaining importance because of what it can do for your business in terms of expanding your market, gaining brand exposure, building a customer base, and staying ahead of the competition. Just having a business card isn’t enough of a marketing plan, your website can open up a whole new world for your business. If you are looking for a consistent brand image between printed products, like business cards, and your website contact Fusion Group USA. It shouldn’t be a competition between your business card and website – they should work together to do what the other cannot. Fusion Group USA can help you develop a unique, consistent brand image, print business cards, and design and launch a successful website. Call today!

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