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Website Design: Creating a Positive Online Brand Presence A Cohesive Image of Your Brand Image and Brand Identity Optimized for Businesses and Customers Driven by Analytical Data

Web design combines the disciplines of creative design with the technical skills of coding, programming, and user-experience optimization; all in an effort to present a polished website to the end-user. By combining the elements of layout, color, graphics, fonts, and content; a website presents a cohesive image of your brand to the public.

Image and brand identity matter to businesses, non-profits, religious organizations, and thought leaders; and designing an attractive website is foundational to developing that identity. With modern, cutting-edge designs, Fusion Group USA specializes in creating custom websites that are focused on accomplishing our client’s goals.
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Are you still paying a monthly fee for your website?

Our clients have complete ownership in as little as 1 month and have complete file control of the sites we build!

We offer flexible payment plans on all of our custom designed, professional websites and ecommerce stores. We offer convenient one, six, eight and twelve month payment options.

Our sites not only save your company thousands of dollars on wasted website payments to providers who have retained ownership of your design and offer sub-par service, we build above industry standard and search engine compliant sites that drive traffic to your business also! With Fusion Group USA we have a highly dedicated team of web and digital professionals who are available to make complimentary site changes, technical support, and marketing assistance, so you can focus on doing what you do best!

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Frequently Asked Questions

YES! 100%. After your final payment has been received the copyright and ownership is transferred to you for you to do with as you please.

YES! We do offer multiple options for additional SEO services beyond your initial web design. We do however recommend to our clients to see how the site performs within the first couple of months before investing more money into SEO. Most of our local audience sites rank on the first page of major search results for their desired keywords without the need for additional SEO services.

ABSOLUTELY NOT! We build your site 100% to your specifications, although to keep costs low we may use pre-built scripts for certain functionalities.

Fusion Group USA has been in business since 2001.

ABSOLUTELY! Although our hosting service comes with much more than just hosting, you are free to host anywhere you would like.

ABSOLUTELY! We can build a Wordpress or blogger theme mimicking your site design that you can use without any coding knowledge, we will even train you how to effectively use the blogging service.

Because we design your site 100% to your specifications, we use many technologies in your site design. Our most common technologies are HTML, CSS, jQuery, Javascript, PHP, MySQL, Ruby on Rails and Apache.

Well you are in luck! As long as you are hosting your site with us we will edit your site free of charge! Edits take place within 2 business days. Unless you have an emergency edit, then those are completed within 4 business hours.

ABSOLUTELY 100% NO WAY! We are with you as long as you want us. After your site is live you will be assigned to an in-house service administrator and they will check in with you monthly/quarterly. We will also program your information into our automated system for monthly reminders like edits needed, questions, comments, concerns, etc. ( you can always opt out). So once your project commences you become part of the Fusion Family, unless you are like the CEO’s uncle Mike, then we can just be email friends!

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Our Web Design Services

Fusion Group Usa Scottsdale Phoenix Arizona Grand Junction Colorado

Fusion Group USA offers a full range of web design services. We can build totally new sites from the ground up – providing unparalleled creative control and customization options or re-build an existing site to upgrade the look, performance, and SEO results.

We offer contemporary solutions for e-commerce that combine beautiful websites with secure and intuitive shopping carts, payment options, and customer data tracking. We know that every business is unique and has unique needs – that’s why we build all our sites from the ground-up for a custom, tailored look that matches your image and needs.

Our mission is to provide websites that drive traffic, convert customers, and build your business. We accomplish this through the combination of creative concepts with the latest in cutting-edge technology and coding. The Fusion Group USA web design team builds high-impact, user-friendly websites that are ready to grow and evolve with the market – offering solutions that reflect your personality and style, while working tirelessly to grow your business.