Designing a Website: How Can It Boost Your Business?

Where does your business stand online? Do you have Facebook page, a Twitter, LinkedIn, or even a fully functional website? There are great benefits to having social media pages set up for your business, but they serve a specific purpose – to engage followers with your business and spread the word, basically letting people know that you exist. This is great, but having an actual website (linked to your social media of course!) can benefit your business in more ways than just networking. The market in Grand Junction and western Colorado is growing – having a website could be the one thing that sets you apart from the rest. Here are a few reasons a website could be a huge asset to your business:

  1. A website creates a virtual storefront for the public.

By creating a website, you are creating a place for the public to virtually walk into your store and have a look around. It lets them know who you are and what you are trying to sell. It even gives people an opportunity to ask questions about your product or service before making the trip to your actual business – saving them time, and saving you from having to deal with a misinformed customer. Creating an online storefront is also just another way to build brand recognition and presence which is an important marketing tool in the digital age. Especially since it’s roughly 201.7 million people did their shopping online and the population in the United States is at roughly 320 million ( That’s about 60% of the American population!

  1. Having a website can inspire progress, reflection, and healthy competition.

The online shopping world is filled with endless possibilities for the consumer. This can be a good thing or a bad thing. It can be negative for you because other stores, not even competing with you at a local level, could take business from you, moving you into a level of competition that you’re not prepared for. If you’re a dog groomer in Grand Junction without a website, people looking online for that particular service are not going to find you – the groomer down the street with a website will get their business. In addition to this, if your website is not done properly you could remain invisible on the web, making your time, effort, and money spent worthless.

However, if you decide to come to Fusion Group USA for website design, not only will you get a website that is aesthetically pleasing and functional, you don’t have to worry about how to submit your site to search engines and utilize search engine optimization – Fusion Group does that for you. We make sure your site stays updated, allowing you to regularly be part of your online consumer base. Developing a website allows you to grow and change the way you’re doing business.

  1. Creating an online presence makes your business relevant in the 21st Century.

Not to say that businesses that have been around for while and do not have a website are no longer relevant, but having a website opens up another demographic to your business. One might make the assumption that only young people do their shopping online, but considering about 60% of the American population shops online, it can’t just be young people. Being online opens you up to all kinds of consumers in a variety of places increasing your professional presence. It adds an element of convenience for existing customers, making them happier. You also have the opportunity to let existing customers know about products or services they may not have known you offered.

Overall, having a website can launch your business into the 21st Century and make you more competitive, relevant, and accessible to shoppers not only in Grand Junction or Phoenix (or wherever your business may be centered for that matter!) but to shoppers everywhere – it is called the World Wide Web for a reason! If you’re not sure where to begin when it comes to website design, Fusion Group USA can help you. Designing a website and making it visible to prospective customers is tricky and Fusion Group USA has experience creating high quality, user friendly websites that create the perfect online storefront for your business. Call Fusion Group today to get your website started!

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