Website Content: Professional or DIY?

Getting a new website is an exciting time – and also an investment in your business. But a website isn’t complete with quality content. When it comes time to plan and develop your new site, it is tempting to save a few bucks by writing your own content. But that plan can often backfire.

Paying for a beautiful website and filling it with mid-grade content is a waste of your time and money – because no matter how clean your site looks; unprofessional copy will drive away potential customers. I’m not saying no one should ever write their own content, just that if writing isn’t a strength it is worth considering hiring a professional writer.

There are two main reasons to have professional content on your site: winning potential customers and improving your search engine optimization. Each requires its own focus and balancing the two needs takes a delicate hand.

Engaging Copy

If you’re running a business, then your website should be driving people toward a business goal (conversions, lead capture, etc.). But convincing customers to complete those goals isn’t always an easy task, and if your website copy is muddled, it is even more difficult.

Professionally crafted website copy is designed with these business goals in mind. Through engaging copy, well-designed calls-to-action, and clear messaging; a copy-writer will ensure that your website is sending the right message and moving visitors from prospect to customer.

Some people are capable of writing this sort of content, but if you struggle to present ideas in a way that is engaging and clear then consider turning to a professional when it is time to craft your website content.

SEO Friendly

Crafting website content isn’t just to entice customers – it also is an important part of your site’s SEO efforts. There are two SEO errors that people make when it comes to website content: keyword stuffing and missing potential. In keyword stuffing, you copy is packed full of targeted keywords at every opportunity. This used to work, but is likely to get your site penalized in today’s world. Meanwhile, others will miss keywords that would help to attract searchers to your site.

Both errors are bad, but if you don’t understand the search engine algorithms they are easy to make. But a professional content writer will be keeping up with the latest algorithm changes and adjusting their writing to reflect the SEO needs of your website copy.

Content Writing Services

At Fusion Group USA, we offer content writing on every website we build (and websites someone else built, but we like ours better). And because we do every step of the process in-house, you get a seamless experience from initial mock-up to final site launch. Our writers work closely with the designers to ensure that the copy fits the look and feel of your website while maintaining the emotional tone that will engage your audience.

And because we also offer SEO services, we are well versed in keyword strategies and search engine algorithms – and all that is reflected in our SEO-friendly copy. If you’re in need of a content revamp or a totally new site, contact us today so we can help you accomplish your goals!

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