Web Design that Pleases Everyone – Balancing SEO with Customer Expectations


While a focus on search engine optimization (SEO) is vital to a well performing website, it should not be the sole and only focus of your website design. Climbing your way to the top of the search results is useless if your clicks end in page abandonment and you fail to convert visitors to customers. Striking a balance between SEO results and pleasing actual customers is vital to effective and profitable web site design – especially for small businesses.

Potential customers won’t spend their valuable time sifting through poorly written copy, confusing links, or convoluted page structures that are designed solely for the benefit of search engine bots. Instead they expect well written, engaging content; relevant and informative links; and clear page design and navigation.

One example of turning off actual users in a pursuit of SEO results is keyword stuffing – content that is written solely for the benefit of search engine algorithms with no real end user in mind. Keyword stuffed websites might rank well in search engines for a time, but the lack of real, engaging content will drive away customers and ultimately hurt SEO as well.

Beyond driving away real users, the algorithms used by companies like Google and Yahoo! are growing more sophisticated with each passing day. The old tricks of cheap web designers no longer work as search engines compete to provide the most accurate results to their customers, and your web design needs to keep up with the changes. Modern SEO means user friendly design and content produced by real people with a concrete, target audience in mind.

A modern, well performing website requires the combination of appealing design, intelligent use of SEO tactics, and engaging content. Here at Fusion Group USA we are experts in designing websites that appeal to bots and humans alike – pushing SEO results that lead to higher conversion rates, more customers, and in the end, more profit for your business. Contact us today to see how Fusion Group USA can help you balance the competing needs of SEO and user friendliness.

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