Web Design for Conversions

Getting conversions is the bottom line for almost all marketing efforts – whether it is social media, direct mail, or website design. Today we’ll look at how our web designers build websites that are focused on getting conversions for your business.

Plenty of web designers can build a nice-looking site. But what sets the great ones apart is their understanding of how their designs affect customer experience and conversion rates. Designing a well-converting site takes practice and a fair amount of trial and error. But we’ll look at the top three ways that we ensure every site uses web design for conversions.

Keep it Simple

Simple designs sell. It’s tempting to stuff your website full of every piece of information and option under the sun, but that is a bad idea. Everybody’s heard the KISS acronym: keep it simple, stupid. That saying is truer than ever when talking about web design.

Limit Options

There is a direct correlation between the number of options presented and the difficulty people have in making a decision. Provide too many options and you’ll give your customers analysis paralysis. To combat the growing creep of options, every page should be built with a single, clear focus.

Keeping your options reasonable can be difficult if your product has a lot of features. But a creative designer will find ways to delay option overload until after an initial decision has been made. Keeping your site simple is also easier when you have established a unique selling proposition. Keep it focused and keep it simple.

Use Whitespace

A cluttered design will just serve to confuse your users. When you’re asking someone to give you money, you can’t expect them to hunt for calls-to-action or buy now buttons. The intelligent use of whitespace will direct the user’s eye where you want it to go.

A good designer will consider the space around elements, images, texts, buttons, and banners to ensure that your page is scannable. Understanding how the human eye responds to whitespace vs. clutter is critical to pushing people toward your featured call-to-action.

Keep it Personal

Even in our digital age, people like to buy from people. That’s why our designers strive to keep websites personal and intimate. Think of personal website design as a form of social proof. We, as consumers, are more likely to trust another human than a faceless, corporate content writer.

Feature People

A smiling face can help to sell your products in person, and that is true when it comes to website conversions. Including pictures of smiling people of your website sends positive psychological signals to visitors to your website.

We’ll talk more about image selection later on but giving a personal touch to your website is an easy way to boost your conversion rate. If you’re selling a personal brand, you should hire a photographer to capture some high-quality images of your smiling face. Otherwise, good stock images will usually do the trick.


Testimonials and reviews are a powerful tool for encouraging conversions. It’s great to have reviews on sites like Google and Yelp, but our designers will include them on your website too. Putting a glowing testimonial near an important call-to-action will harness the power of social proof and push customers in their moment of indecision.

By combining testimonials and calls-to-action in visually similar ways, our custom websites build on your good reputation to drive conversions. A single review can be more powerful than pages of sales copy – but only if it is positioned in the right place on your website.

Keep it Beautiful

The third way we drive conversions through web design is by keeping it beautiful. Beauty can be a subjective metric, but an eye-pleasing design will help customers trust your business and make conversions easier. Plus, we love building beautiful things!

Color Selection

Color selection will have an impact on how people view your brand. Unless you’re just starting, you probably already have one or two colors that are associated with your brand. Beyond those basic colors, our designers will build a palette that compliments your brand while maintaining a pleasing website.

Our designers spend a lot of time thinking about color theory. So unless you really have something specific in mind, it’s best to let them create an appealing color scheme. This will include your brand colors, easy-to-read text colors, and high-contrast colors that make your calls-to-action jump off the page.


We already talked about the power of including images of people – but that’s just the beginning of the image selection process. The images selected for your website need to accurately reflect your brand – both in quality and content. Free stock images or low-quality cell phone pictures aren’t going to establish trust in your brand.

There are two routes to take for obtaining images for your site (or a combination of the two): high-quality stock images or hiring a professional photographer. Whichever method you choose for your brand, eye-catching images will build trust and encourage conversions.

Focused Web Design

Finding someone who can piece together a functioning website isn’t all that difficult. But finding web designers who can build beautiful websites and also understand the finer points of conversion optimization is much harder.

At Fusion Group USA, we focus our web design efforts on mastering both side of the design coin: aesthetics and performance. By focusing on growing your business through website conversions, we free you up to focus on what you do best – running your business.

We have web design plans that fit every business, and our designers tirelessly labor on every website to ensure that it is primed for maximum conversions. Contact us today to learn more about our web design services.

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