Using Google to Grow Locally

Google is a great tool for people to use to find local businesses, and nearly 73% of online searching relates to finding things that are local or nearby. If your business isn’t showing up in local searches, you may be missing out on a lot of business. If you are found, 78% of local searches result in a purchase within just a few hours. Making sure you’re doing what you can to show up in local searches is the best strategy, because the market you are targeting is the market that is the most likely to make your business money.

To show up in Google’s local searches, be sure that your name, address, and phone number is consistently posted on your website and in every listing you have online. Whenever your information is written online, it can create a listing in various other directories – making sure your information is correct and consistent is the key to showing up to users. Get a Google+ business account, and make sure you are keeping things updated and correct. Remember keywords that you want associated with your brand, and use them consistently. Encourage people to review your business online using Google – people believe and value reviews by others.

Fusion Group USA can help you in a number of ways to boost your local SEO. One area that we can help with during the website design and development process is copywriting. We can develop copy for your website that is keyword rich, but also informative and relevant to local searchers. We have skilled, knowledgeable copywriters that can research and write excellent informative copy that will get you to the top of the rankings in organic local searches. Hiring a copywriter means you’re gaining a professional writer that can take care of spelling and grammar, offer a new perspective, and take care of SEO. It’s important to spend a little extra time on your content because in the game of SEO, content is king as they say.

Fusion Group USA understands the keywords that will pertain to your business and can conduct the market research necessary to find keyword groupings that will also enrich your website copy. We can help you set up your Google+ account in addition to any other social media accounts you want to utilize and monitor your reputation online for your business. Fusion Group USA understand the target market and the area, working to get you to the top of your local search. We can utilize our knowledge of Google to ensure that you’re found online in your locality. Call today for more information on local SEO!

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