Unproductive? There’s No One Else to Blame

So, you may have noticed we sometimes do this feature called Productivity Friday – it is a nice little break from our usual SEO, marketing, and design stuff. I really enjoy writing these and they are consistently some of our most popular posts, so at least some of you out there like it too. We’ve covered topics like holding productive meetings, fighting workplace distractions, and developing healthy sleep habits.

But here’s the truth of the matter: if you are not productive, there is no one to blame but yourself. That’s not to say there is no value in talking about creating a productive workplace – just that productivity needs to be your own responsibility. Today we’ll look at four ways to take responsibility for your own productivity.

Distractions vs. Interruptions

Nobody likes interruptions when you’re hard at work, but that’s not in your control. What is in your control is minimizing the distractions in your workplace. The most common distractions come from your phone and social media. So, log yourself out of Facebook and Twitter, put your phone away, and handle your own business. And here’s another thing: when you’re hard at work, people tend to leave you alone, but when you’re obviously killing time you are inviting interruptions from coworkers.

Motivation vs. Incentives

Many people like to blame their unproductivity nature on the lack of workplace incentives. But it works the other way around too – if you want to make the case for employee incentives, start by being a productive and motivated employee. Your own motivation can be founded upon any number of factors – a desire to succeed, to be a good employee, or personal satisfaction. And when you create your own motivation, you are well positioned to succeed in all areas of your life.

Proactive vs. Waiting

It is easy to sit around and wait for your situation to change, but the truth is that being proactive is the best way to affect change. Also, being proactive means looking ahead to possible productivity pitfalls rather than waiting for problems to arise. Spending a few minutes thinking through potential issues can save you hours later on. As the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Lead vs. Follow

By leading the way into more productivity, you not only improve your workplace but also stand out as a leader in your organization. Leading in this way will also allow you to shape the future of your workplace in the way that works for you. Business owners and managers are always looking for leaders, so stand out with a willingness to take the lead when it comes to issues of productivity.

The Blessings of Productivity

Working in a productive environment is a true blessing – for everyone who works there. But that doesn’t mean we should just all sit back and pine away for the ideal workplace. Instead, take the initiative to make yourself more productive while also improving your workplace. It will benefit you, your employer, and your co-workers; so there is no reason to keep putting it off or waiting for the perfect situation!

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