Transparent Graphic Design Plans – Beyond the Fine Print

The popularity of the monthly membership model in graphic design has exploded over the last three years. And while the competition is good for businesses price shopping graphic design services, it has also lead to a huge increase in providers looking to make a quick buck.

Here at Fusion Group USA, we pride ourselves on being totally transparent with our unlimited monthly graphic design services. In this blog post, we’ll dig into the details of our graphic design memberships from the contract through turnaround times and design restrictions.

Don’t get caught with a provider that promises the world and delivers garbage. Or a company that ties you up in long-term contracts while delivering substandard designs. Or a designer that takes weeks to complete each project and puts you behind. With our unlimited graphic design plans, you know exactly what you are getting, and we know that you’ll love our work.

Truly Unlimited

When we say our graphic design plans are unlimited, we really mean it. Every graphic design package comes with unlimited designs and unlimited revisions – it’s that simple. There’s no fine print you to comb through with a magnifying glass.

Every level of membership gets unlimited designs and revisions, so what sets the levels apart? There are several factors, but the biggest is turnaround time. The upper-level packages feature a faster turnaround time, but every level has truly unlimited graphic design.

The word unlimited gets thrown around a lot, but when we say unlimited we really mean it. With one of our monthly graphic design plans, you’ll be ready to handle all your graphic design needs. They are perfect for the business with shifting design needs that doesn’t want to have an in-house designer.

Say No to Contracts

Everyone hates long-term contracts. We understand that and so we offer our unlimited graphic design plans on a month-to-month basis. While others try to lock you down for months at a time, we trust that our commitment will quality will keep you coming back month after month and year after year. By keeping every plan on a month-to-month charge, we know we have to win your business with every design – and we work hard to accomplish that goal.

Anytime you decide that you no longer need our graphic design services you can cancel your membership and move on. The only stipulation is that we require is thirty days written notice. That’s the only fine print on our no-contract policy. And it’s not even in fine print – it’s right there for everyone to see.

Every designer on our team knows that we have to impress with every project to keep your business. And that keeps us working hard to win your approval every day. We will keep working on every design (with unlimited revisions) until you are thrilled with your design. We often nail it on the first try – but we’re not satisfied until you are!

Turnaround Times You Can Trust

Late designs and revisions can have a massive impact on your business. Getting a design late has a snowball effect that can quickly affect your business goals. That’s why we take our turnaround times seriously and guarantee that you get your designs and revisions finished on time, every time.

Our standard turnaround time starts at three businesses days and those are upgradable (up to same day service) as you bump up your membership level. For revisions to existing designs, our standard turnaround time is two days, but that is upgradable as well.

Whatever turnaround times your business needs, we pride ourselves on hitting those goals every time. Of course, some larger-scale projects will require additional time to complete. But anytime we will require more than the standard turnaround time, we will be in communication with you to set realistic expectations.

Design Restrictions

There are a few things that our unlimited plans don’t cover. And we want to be as upfront about those restrictions as possible. These restrictions don’t come up often because they cover some unusual design work – but they are worth noting.

First, standard plans do not include logo creation. However, a logo design add-on is available to the standard graphic design packages. The logo creation add-on is perfect for agency clients that are looking to outsource some of their design work.

Other restrictions include video or motion graphics, complex illustrations, complex photo manipulation, large (9+ page) layout projects, 3D designs, and website design. For a full list of our design inclusions and restrictions, click here.

Unlimited Graphic Design

That’s it. Now you know the facts about our truly unlimited graphic design packages. We don’t hide behind gimmicks and contracts because we trust you’ll love the quality of our work. There is no need to stress over hiring an in-house graphic designer or keeping up with your design needs when we can handle it for you!

Still have questions? That’s understandable – hiring a graphic design agency is a big decision. You can check out the rest of our graphic design FAQ on the product page. Or you contact our office for a free, no-obligation consultation with a graphic design expert.

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