Trade Show Tips: Design, Print, & Lead Capture

Trade shows and conference displays are a great way to quickly expand brand awareness and your potential customer base. But all too often we see businesses pin up an old banner and hand out promotional pens. I hate to break it to you, but that is boring. You’d be better off staying home and putting that money toward something more useful, like left-handed screwdrivers.

But don’t worry! Fusion Group USA is here to help you crush your next trade show both – from graphic design to lead capture. Trade shows don’t have to be boring when you’re getting professionally designed materials and innovative marketing strategies from experts.

When it comes to trade show season, standing out is the name of the game. You’re literally just one booth in a crowd of hundreds – you can’t follow the status quo if you want to draw the attention of potential customers.

Trade Show Design

I know that it is tempting to just slap your logo on a banner and call it done. But winning the trade show battle takes more than that. By developing custom graphics for your trade show presence, you will present a professional and cohesive look at your booth.

The design should take your logo design elements and expand them out into a complete design for your trade show booth. This custom design should be an expansion of your logo – converting a simple item into a complete idea that encompasses every square foot of your booth.

A professional design agency will know how to craft every piece of your booth to maximize attention. From backdrops to banners to tablecloths, every element should work toward the common goal of grabbing the attention of passers-by.

Trade Show Printing

Design is only the beginning of the battle. Once you have a cohesive image to present, it’s time to get your booth ready for showtime. Running down to the local copy shop just isn’t going to get the quality that will get your booth noticed.

At Fusion Group USA, we have a wide range of trade show products that will get you noticed. We commonly print tablecloths, banners, backdrops, walls/rooms/structures, floor mats, posters, and more. Everything we print is held to the highest quality standards, so you know that your brand will be well represented.

We also design and print custom promotional products that can boost brand recall and the impact of your trade show booth. From the basic to the most creative, we have hundreds of thousands of options to get your brand in the hands of trade show attendees. Visit for a full list of our promotional product offerings.

Trade Show Lead Capture

Once you have your design and printed materials ready to go, then it is time to focus on capturing leads from your trade show booth. You can always just create an eye-catching booth and hope that customers reach out to you, but why leave things to chance?

With a lead capture strategy, you can follow up with people who expressed an interest in your brand, rather than hoping they remember you after the show ends. The most basic way to capture leads is through a giveaway: simply collect business cards and draw one at the end of the show.

For more advanced options, our development team can build a lead capture form that can be filled out on a tablet right at your booth. An electronic lead form is a perfect way to capture potential customers. And it is easy to integrate with your existing CRM.

All-in-One Service

There is no need to piece together your trade show strategy from different agencies and vendors when you can get start-to-finish service from Fusion Group USA. Because we are a full-service graphic design agency, commercial printer, web developer, and promotional product supplier; we can get you everything you need for trade show success.

Contact us today to learn more about our wide range of services!

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