Tips for Digital Marketing Success!

Business has changed over the course of time, evolving to fit the changing environment. One huge change has been the emphasis on online, or digital marketing. With the prevalence of the internet and devices that make it accessible virtually everywhere, your business needs to stay competitive. Starting a digital marketing strategy can help you retain this competitive edge, and can benefit your business immensely. Here are some digital marketing tips that will help your plan be successful!

  1. Include relevant keywords to enhance your site for local search. Your website should be easily found on search engines if you include key words that are geared towards your locality.
  2. Utilize locally targeted search engine advertising. Incorporating SEM into your digital marketing strategy can cost more money, but it can help you target customers and increase your clicks. Get some sponsored tweets or try the Sales Navigator feature on LinkedIn. Another great way to optimize your search results is to claim your online business listing on Google.
  3. Incorporate landing pages into your strategy. When you have a deal going on, or a link that promises special information, having specific landing pages can help narrow the focus and hook prospective customers.
  4. Always monitor your online reviews! Check sites like Yelp and Facebook regularly to keep track of what your customers are saying and be sure to respond back! This also enhances your customer service and keeps people happy.
  5. Promote your website offline. Get your website printed on your cards and signage so that people interested can look you up online.
  6. Regularly posting to social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Instagram (there are others too!) keep people engaged with your business. It also make your brand more personal and gives you the opportunity to connect with customers.
  7. Include all pertinent contact information on your website, and give people multiple ways to reach you. You can have a Contact Us form, phone number, social media, email, and physical address on your website to encourage contact. Different people prefer different modes of communication.
  8. Do some email marketing! Use features on your website to collect people’s email addresses so that you can send them exclusive offers or advertise events so they don’t forget about you! You can also monitor your site performance with Google Analytics to find ways to enhance your website.
  9. Add eCommerce to your site and allow people to purchase directly from your website. If people can purchase something from the comfort of their own home, they probably will forgo the store. Encouraging people to purchase items from your online store can expand your market.
  10. Making your site mobile-optimized and responsive is very important! On April 1, 2015 Google Search made mobile-friendliness a ranking signal meaning that if your site is mobile, it has a better chance of moving up in ranking.

Going digital is an essential business move these days. You want to make you efforts worthwhile, so be sure to use some of these tips when developing your digital marketing campaign. Fusion Group USA also has the experience and knowledge to make your digital success a reality. We offer website design and development, online and offline marketing, social media marketing, SEO and SEM, reputation management and PR, and much more. Give us a call today to find out what we can do for your business!

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