The SEO Advantage of Custom Websites

Search engine optimization is a necessary tool in today’s market, but before you dive into the world of SEO it is important to understand the importance of website design and development. Before you invest money in a search engine optimization strategy, consider looking into the quality of your existing website. Many times, businesses sink money into SEO, not realizing that they will never rank well with a broken or out-of-date site.

The problem is compounded by shady SEO providers that are more concerned with closing new business than with truly helping their clients. At Fusion Group USA, we do both SEO and website design – so we deeply understand the importance of a properly designed site before you start with an in-depth SEO program. In fact, many of the new sites we build result in such a search engine ranking improvement that there is no need to invest in further SEO work!

Considering the Costs

Too many businesses, in an effort to cut costs, buy a bargain-basement subscription-based website. Then when they don’t perform in the rankings, they start paying for a monthly SEO service on top of their existing website payment. Now, they’re paying $250 a month (or even more) every month until they go out of business.

On the other hand, a business invests in a custom designed website that is owned outright within a year. With a quality-built site, they steadily move up the rankings for the first year. After a year, the business can re-evaluate: maybe they’re happy with their rankings and can focus on growing their business in other ways, or maybe they decide to invest in a monthly SEO plan that will benefit their fully-owned site for years to come.

It’s easy to get sucked into a seemingly good deal. But when you look at the long haul, it makes so much more sense to invest in the quality product of a custom-built website.

Custom Website and SEO

So, just how does a custom website affect SEO in ways that cookie-cutter services just can’t touch? There’s a lot of ways (and some of them get pretty technical), but here are a few of the top ways that SEO improves with a custom website:

  • Time-on-page: Google tracks how long people spend on your page. And when your site is clearly designed and easy to navigate, people spend a long time on your page. When it is ugly or confusing they bounce within a few seconds.
  • Page Load Speed: As mobile becomes more important to search engines rankings, page load speed will continue to affect SEO. A professionally designed site will be just the right size to optimize load times without sacrificing quality.
  • Quality Content: Google is getting better and scanning and understanding content. And not just it’s topic, but also its quality. This means that featuring poorly written copy on your website will hurt your rankings. We offer professional copywriting services to ensure that your content isn’t hurting your SEO.
  • Internal Structure: Understanding URL structure, tags and titles, and information architecture will serve as a serious SEO boost. There’s a huge list of things a Google bot is looking for and it’s a full-time job keeping up with all their changes and additions. By hiring a professional, you can be sure you’re meeting the latest industry standards.
  • Links: Links are still the lifeblood of the SEO world. Professional web designers understand that and maximize your internal links to ensure that all your pages are discovered, crawled, and indexed. Good design also helps you win external links – as no one wants to link to an amateurish page.

Get Your Business Started

Are you spending money on a monthly website that isn’t performing like it should? Or are you looking to invest in SEO services on top of an existing monthly fee? Consider looking into the SEO and cost benefits of getting a fully custom website that you own outright.

At Fusion Group USA, our websites come SEO optimized from day one and ready to increase your business. Of course, we’re also here to help with additional SEO services if you’re in a competitive market or just need that extra little boost to get you to the top of page one.

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