The Importance of Consistency in Branding

To build brand loyalty, it’s important to remain consistent in your branding. Sticking with the same color palette, font selection, and logo can be important to building recognition with your target market. If you drastically change any of the elements present in your brand, people tend to think you’re changing your business as well – this is because your brand identity is your business. There are a few reasons why consistency is so important to your brand.

First, staying consistent means you have more control over perceptions of your brand. Staying consistent can make people feel that your business is professional and stable. This is especially important because trust is an important basis for any business, without trust business is not going to go well. You want to create a certain feeling with your brand and this depends on what your products and services are. The colors you choose, the fonts you select, and the images you choose for your logo will create feelings and emotions with the customers. Paying attention to this and remaining consistent is important to keeping their business.

The way your brand identity is portrayed also lets people know what your attitude and outlook is as a business. This brings us to our second reason to stay consistent, you want people to not only know what your attitude is but to recognize and understand this attitude. If you own a small antique shop, your attitude and outlook may be that preserving and cherishing antiques is important to respecting and valuing our past. This attitude attracts likeminded individuals to your shop and you want these people to keep coming. The way your brand is presented is important to this process.

The third reason is because you spend a lot of time, energy, and money developing and marketing your brand. You want this investment to mean something and it should be protected. If you are inconsistent with your brand application, this will degrade the quality of your brand and ultimately lose the respect of those loyal to your brand. Retain the integrity of your brand identity by using it consistently.

Here are some tips to staying consistent with your brand:

  • If you’re getting anything printed or created for your business, like marketing collateral or a website design, make sure you provide and have access to the proper vector file so that the graphic designer can properly incorporate your logo. You don’t want a pixelated version of your logo out there, it doesn’t look professional and it cheapens your brand.
  • Create a guide, or at least something to reference, that lists your colors, fonts, taglines, logo versions, etc. This will help when doing marketing and advertising projects to keep you on track.
  • Make sure you’re keeping everyone on point with your brand. IF someone suggests or does something that doesn’t align with your brand identity, be sure to pint it out. This is where having that reference guide is important.

The key point here: consistency is key! Making sure that your brand is recognizable and consistent is important to building loyalty and trust. Fusion Group USA specializes in brand development and will ensure that whatever identity we create for you is consistent and in line with how you see your business. Give us a call today to learn more about the brand development services we offer and get an estimate!

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