The Big Three: Content Marketing, SEO, and Social Media

Combining SEO, content marketing, and social media is a must. These three rely on each other to make your website successful. Content is necessary because it gives your website substance, keeps your site fresh, and helps with SEO. Keep in mind, your content should be high quality, well-written, and relevant for your audience. This doesn’t just mean written content for each of your website pages, but also any blogging, newsletters, or email marketing that your business does. Content doesn’t just have to be written either, it could be a video, an auditory clip, an infographic, etc. Without considering SEO strategies, your site might not be ranking as high as it could on search engines, making it difficult for people to find your site.

For SEO and social media to work, content has to be the focus. It may be tempting to jump right into social media and start looking into how your rankings could improve, but without content you would have nothing to post and search engines would have nothing to crawl. Content marketing and SEO overlap one another because SEO needs content, and the aim of content marketing is to consistently come up with new content. Integrating keywords strategically and naturally into the content for search engines to pick up, but the key is to write it so humans will want to read it too. Social media is a great way for you to use your content to share and gain readership. It also drives people to your website, especially if you are posting interesting, valuable content that is linked to your site.

Social media is somewhat of an expectation in business these days – many prospective customers will use social media to find and connect with your business. It adds a social, friendlier facet to your business attracting a number of people that are probably part of your target demographic. Social media can also be a tool to share content and draw traffic to your site. Social media, content marketing, and SEO go hand-in-hand, mutually feeding one another. Social media is a great tool for customer service and helps improve your brand when you focus on high quality content that is informative. It also give you the opportunity to gauge what your customer-base is interested in regards to content – what they like, comment on, or ask questions about through social networking sites. Staying in touch with your customer base is important so that you avoid writing content for the sake of just having more content. It gives your content purpose!

SEO, social media, and content marketing all relate to one another – they are not separate marketing entities. Content is the base from which SEO and social media can be utilized. Having well-written content that is informational and relevant allows you to gain rankings on search engines because your keywords can be found. It also gives you something to share through social media and expand your customer base. Fortunately, Fusion Group USA has services that include copywriting, content writing, social media marketing, and SEO for your website. If you are interested in ways that you can incorporate the big three into your website marketing plan, give us a call to talk about your options!

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