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Why Your Great Looking Website is Probably a Lemon: Your Checklist for Optimal Website Functionality

An appealing website design will draw people in, but a website with substance will both increase dwell time and warrant action on their part. The true test of a website’s value lies not only in its’ design, but also its’ functionality. Does your website meet (or exceed) these function-testing factors?
Web Design Dwell Time
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Engaging Web Design: Tips for Increasing Dwell Time

Getting website visitors is great, but your business needs more than just page views. Your website needs to be converting searchers into viewers and viewers into customers. Today we’ll look at an important metric that will track your success in this area – dwell time. Our web designers spend a
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Going Live: Life After Your Website Launches

A lot of web design agencies will build your website and then disappear, never to be heard from again. Fusion Group USA isn’t one of those agencies. We pride ourselves on providing continuing service to our clients. From our point of view, launching your website is just the first step
Web Design for Conversions
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Web Design for Conversions

Getting conversions is the bottom line for almost all marketing efforts – whether it is social media, direct mail, or website design. Today we’ll look at how our web designers build websites that are focused on getting conversions for your business. Plenty of web designers can build a nice-looking site.
Web Design Process
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Our Web Design Process

A business website is a big investment, so it makes sense to spend the time to do it right. But it doesn’t take long to get lost in jargon, technical details, and complex pricing structures. We don’t think the web design process has to be so complicated. Our goal is
Choose a Domain Name
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How to Choose a Domain Name

Getting a website is an important step for any business. But before you start thinking about design, search engine optimization, or navigation; you will need to have a domain name. It can seem like an afterthought, but a bad domain name can sabotage an otherwise smooth website plan. Today I’ll
World of Web Design
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Navigating the World of Web Design

Let me set the scene: you’ve done the market research, you’ve built your customer personas, the competitor analysis is done, and your product is going to upend the market. It’s a great feeling to be on the cusp of success. But it’s never quite that simple. To turn your market
driving traffic to your website
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Driving Traffic: The Long & Short of It

Nice websites are great but, for most businesses, they are a means to an end – not an end in themselves. The goal of your website should be to drive conversions and conversions depend on web traffic. That means that driving traffic to your website should be the focus of
web design for seo
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Web Design for SEO: What You Need to Know

As a provider of search engine optimization services, we work on websites built by a wide range of web designers. That has given us a front row seat to some very questionable design practices. And because we are also a web design agency, it drives us crazy to see the
need a blog
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Avoiding the Blog of Despair: A Simple Way to Start Blogging Today

Let’s say you’ve got a shiny, new website and you’re excited to share it with the world. You set your little guy free into the wilds of the internet and wait for the visitors to come flocking. You check your Google analytics every day. But the traffic just isn’t coming
Using video on your website
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Do’s and Don’ts: Video on Your Website

If you have spent even a modicum of time on marketing blogs over the last two years, then chances are you know that video is being touted as the next big thing. In case you’ve been living under the rock the last two years, here are a few staggering stats
Website needs content
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Why Your Website Needs Content (and how to get it)

As a web design company (among other things), we understand the importance of websites. But they are totally useless without quality content. You could spend tens of thousands of dollars with the best web design agency in the world, but it won’t help your business without equally good content to
Choose a Web Design Agency
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10 Ways to Find the Perfect Web Design Agency

Here’s the hard truth about web design companies in today’s world: a whole bunch of them are frauds and fakes. And with thousands of dollars on the line, most businesses can’t afford to miss when comes time to choose a web design agency. A quick Google search will reveal the
New Website
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Website Redesign: 5 Ways to Know It’s Time

There’s a good chance you invested some serious money in your website. And I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if that was five or six years ago it might be time for a new website. There are, of course, exceptions to that rule. Most notably if
website changes
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Hacking Website Updates: How to Optimize your Website without Paying

At Fusion Group USA, website updates are free as long as you keep your hosting with us. When we tell people that, the usual response is to assume their website will need few changes. Maybe a price update or a new phone number – but not much beyond that. But
Website ownership
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Who Owns My Website?

Questions about property ownership are typically easy to answer. Do I own my car? It’s titled in my name, so yes. Do I own my house? I’m paying rent, so no. But when it comes to a web property, the waters get significantly more muddied. The question of website ownership
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Site Security: What You Need to Know

Let me set the stage: you’ve opening a new business, finally realizing years of dreams and planning. Your storefront is perfect and ready for business, your new website is shiny and well-designed, and it’s time to realize your dreams. Sure, the site isn’t secure but you can worry about that
picture of woman writing
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Website Content: Professional or DIY?

Getting a new website is an exciting time – and also an investment in your business. But a website isn’t complete with quality content. When it comes time to plan and develop your new site, it is tempting to save a few bucks by writing your own content. But that
SEO keyword strategies

SEO Keywords: Strategic & Feasible

The internet is overflowing with information on keyword – strategies, research, and discussions abound from every half-baked SEO blog across the digital landscape. So, what am I doing contributing to this mess? I wouldn’t do to this you unless I had something semi-unique to offer you. I think that I
web design agency
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What to Look for in a Web Design Agency

Every business out there knows they need a website – knowing is the easy part. The difficulty starts when it comes time to act on that knowledge when hiring a web design agency. There are so many options out there – from self-built to ten-thousand dollar works of art. If
web design and seo
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The SEO Advantage of Custom Websites

Search engine optimization is a necessary tool in today’s market, but before you dive into the world of SEO it is important to understand the importance of website design and development. Before you invest money in a search engine optimization strategy, consider looking into the quality of your existing website.
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Content Creation: a guide to writing content on unfamiliar topics

As a content marketer, people often ask me how I am able to write content without being an expert. In any given day, I’ll be writing about SEO, photography, auto repair, and pharmaceuticals. And other than SEO, I know very little about any of those topics – but I am
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Custom Tailored Websites

I’m a pretty casual guy, but I do own two suits. One of them I bought off the rack at an outlet store, the other is bespoke. I like them both, but when I need to make an impression there is no doubt which one I turn to. It’s just too hard
writing content
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How to Create Website Content

When it comes time to create a website, most business owners know they need to spend time thinking about its design. Color selection, images, and layout all receive their due attention; but textual content often gets left out of that picture. As a writer, this puzzled me for a long