commercial printing product ideas
Commercial Printing

Commercial Printing Product Ideas

Just about every business can benefit from commercial printing, but obtaining the full benefit requires thinking beyond basic business cards and letterhead. Nothing against business cards and letterhead, they’re great. But you need a fresh perspective if you want to stand out from your competitors. I’m not talking about re-inventing
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Graphic Design

Graphic Design & First Impressions

Winning and retaining new customers is the key to growing your business. But reaching new customers isn’t easy – it always takes an investment in time or resources or both. It is easy to get tied up in PPC advertising, social media, or physical advertisements, but don’t ignore the power
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Promotional Products

Spotlight on Promotional Products: Autumn Options

Nobody wants summer to be over, but it is that time of year again. Kids are back in school, evenings are getting cooler, and we’re all turning our attention to impending approach of autumn. But the end of summer isn’t all bad, it is a time for us to turn
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How To Digitally Track Your Print Advertising

Modern advertisers love digital channels. They provide extensive tracking and provable ROI that has been lacking in more traditional print mediums. But that doesn’t have to be the case. With modern techniques, physical advertising can be tracked in much the same way as its digital counterpart. Here at Fusion Group
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Lessons in Graphic Design: Simple is Beautiful

What’s the number one note that Matt Groening, creator of The Simpsons, gives to his animators? It’s one word: “Simplify.” It’s good advice for any creative work – and it’s advice that our graphic design team takes to heart. Groening goes on to say, “There’s a simplicity in the design
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Apparel Design and Print

Custom T-Shirts: Choosing the Right Material

Choosing the right garment can make or break your custom printed apparel. Nobody wants to wear the wrong shirt – even if it has the best graphics imaginable. Today we break down the four most common t-shirt materials so you know you’re getting just the right shirt for your next
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[Announcement] New Graphic Design Membership Plans

Click Here To Learn More   Fusion Group USA is now offering monthly graphic design membership plans. If you’re fed up with sketchy designers, long turnaround times, and inconsistent designs; then a monthly graphic design membership is perfect for you! By signing up for a monthly unlimited design package, you
commercial printing
Commercial Printing

Tactile Trends in Printing

Standing out in a crowded marketplace is always a challenge. It is the reason we have a proliferation of marketers, social media experts, advertising, and consultants; there are always new trends and the latest buzzwords to track and utilize. Digital trends are great, but what excellent way to stand out
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The Future of Print

We live in a digital world, that fact is undeniable. And for an increasingly large portion of the population, they have never known anything else; smartphones, computers, and e-readers have become the norm. But what does this digital shift mean for the print industry? Is paper dead like so many
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Custom Promotional Apparel

Fusion Group USA is a full-service printing agency covering both promotional and apparel printing. But separating the two disciplines into self-contained units would be a mistake – it is better to see them as two sides of the same coin. Custom printed apparel is one of the best options when
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Collateral Design – Printing with your Brand in Mind

Valuable resources are spent on creating your brand and company logo, but if the effort stops there you might be missing out on a great marketing opportunity: applying your marketing design to brand collateral. Extending your Brand Collateral is made up of everything a company distributes – business cards, flyers,
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Bold Business Cards – Stand out from the Crowd

Bold, beautiful, and unique. That was what Fredrik Ost (of design firm SNASK) had to say about business card design in a recent interview with How Design. Most of us have a drawer full of other people’s business cards that we never look at – and having a bland, cookie-cutter
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Promotional Products: Spotlight on Tech

Promotional products have come along way over the last few years. The old standards are still available, but so is a whole host of new products. There’s no longer an excuse to settle for the same old stuff when it’s time to promote your business with a physical product. There’s
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Work Attire – Custom and Practical

Custom printing is the easiest way to transform your employees from a rag-tag group of misfits into a professional, cohesive unit that represents your company. Think of it this way: when your team shows up at a client’s home or work do they want to see a group wearing whatever
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Commercial Printing – Don’t Get Lost

Every company has printing needs – from humble business cards to fully designed flyers and promotional materials. These products will reflect your business and it is important to be sure that they are sending the right message. Well designed and executed printing is essential in presenting your business as trustworthy
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Direct Mailing and Email, Marketing

Direct Mail: Alive and Well

Reaching customers with advertising is an age-old problem, and as we move more and more toward a digital world, many have heralded the end of direct mail advertising. Social Media and Email advertising is all the rage – and rightfully so – but the death of physical mailing has been
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Promotional Products: The Sky’s the Limit

Promotional products are consistently one of the most effective ways of getting your brand in front of consumers. A 2004 study performed by L.J. Market Research shows that up to 35% of recipients will keep a promotional product for over two years! It is hard to overstate the sort of
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Pros and Cons of Print Advertising

 Print advertising is still a relevant form of advertising, even in the age of technology. Understanding the pros and cons can help you make a decision as to what route you want to take with your advertising and marketing plan. There are a number of factors that play a part
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Commercial Printing

The Importance of Business Stationery

You might think that because we live in a world run by the internet and online marketing, that business stationery is obsolete. But, it is something that continues to be an important cornerstone of any professional business for several reasons. Plus, if you read our blog “Business Cards through the
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Apparel Design and Print

Ever Thought About T-shirts?

In a few past posts, we’ve discussed the use of promotional items to advertise your brand. If you’re not into handing out stress balls and pens, maybe t-shirts or hats would be more up your alley. Apparel is popular – if you give a t-shirt to someone, they’re likely to
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Direct Mailing and Email

Direct Mail: Don’t End Up in the Trash!

Directly mailing is great…if you do it right! It’s still a very relevant marketing strategy, and is still quite competitive with digital marketing. For instance, in a DMA Response Rate Report from 2015, direct mail achieved a nearly 4% response rate with house lists, and a 1% response rate with
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Commercial Printing

Business Cards Through the Ages

Business cards have become a business staple around the world. It’s usually the first thing you start thinking about when starting a business because it’s the traditional way to give out pertinent information to prospective clients and business partners. Business cards signal professionalism and help expose your brand identity. Fusion
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Website Design

Being Strategic About Website Promotion

Ever play chess? It’s a tricky game that involves moving each piece strategically with the ultimate goal of taking down the other team’s king. Marketing is kind of like chess in a sense – making strategic moves with the goal of gaining business. Your website should be a key component
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Direct Mailing and Email

Is Direct Mail Marketing Still Relevant?

You may be thinking in the age of the internet, email, and online marketing that direct mail is no longer relevant – but think again. There are still a number of benefits to including direct mailing in your marketing plan. Fusion Group USA can help you design, print, and send