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Your Brand’s Voice is Your Brand’s Power: Your Guide to Success

Humans have a fascination with voice. Before we dive into brand voice, let’s examine voice in a familiar context. We use voice to differentiate between friends who are talking to us at the same time, and we feel comfort- or, anxiety- when we hear specific people speak. We use our
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Landing Page Best Practices

I talk about digital marketing a lot in this space (probably because this is a marketing and advertising blog, imagine that). Email marketing, PPC advertising, social media usage, all of that gets significant attention. But I have realized that I’ve left a glaring hole is the topics covered here at
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What to Look for in a Web Design Agency

Every business out there knows they need a website – knowing is the easy part. The difficulty starts when it comes time to act on that knowledge when hiring a web design agency. There are so many options out there – from self-built to ten-thousand dollar works of art. If
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Understanding (and improving) AdWords Quality Score

Google makes PPC advertising easily accessible with an AdWords account. But a quick look around the AdWords dashboard shows that there’s more to a successful PPC advertising campaign that picking out a few keywords and waiting for results. For advertisers, the most important thing to understand is Google’s Quality Score
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Email Marketing & the Golden Rule

We all remember the Golden Rule from the elementary school playground (or at least I do). But in case you forgot, it goes something like this: treat others as you would like to be treated. It’s a great rule – applying equally well to school-yard squabbles as to marketing strategy.
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Looking Forward: Web Design in 2017

The world of web design is a shifting landscape, but each new year brings us an opportunity to say goodbye to old and welcome the new. 2016 saw the last gasping breath of a few design trends (we see you Hamburger Menu), the thriving of several popular trends (flat design,
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SEO 101 Part 3 – Keyword Trends

Note: This is Part 3 of our ongoing SEO 101 series. Previous: Part 1, Part 2 Keywords are the original SEO tool – in the early days of search engines the relatively simplistic crawling and indexing abilities relied almost exclusively on keyword usage and density. In those wild-west times, the
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4 Ways to Include Testimonials in your Web Design

Your business offers top-shelf service and impeccable products, you have a sterling reputation, and customers can trust you; but how do you make sure that your website is getting that message out to consumers? Featuring customer testimonials and reviews on your website is an effective way to let potential customers
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Driving Social Media Engagement

Using social media to reach customers is no longer an optional marketing strategy. Using sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is essential to developing relationships and engaging with customers – both existing and potential. Businesses need an engaging and responsive social media presence to keep up with an increasingly mobile
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SEO – The Simple Answer

SEO strategies run the gamut from simple (link-buying) to incredibly complex (deep diving into Google analytics and algorithms), but most are looking for something in the middle. How do you optimize search results without risking black-hat techniques or getting a master’s degree in data analysis? In a Google Q&A from
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7 (Big) Web Design Tips for (Small) Businesses

Running a small business almost always means running on limited resources. There never seems to be quite enough money in the bank, or hours in the day, to accomplish all your goals. But that doesn’t mean small businesses have small goals – and so leading a successful small business means
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Web Design that Pleases Everyone – Balancing SEO with Customer Expectations

  While a focus on search engine optimization (SEO) is vital to a well performing website, it should not be the sole and only focus of your website design. Climbing your way to the top of the search results is useless if your clicks end in page abandonment and you
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Why Is SEO So Slow?

Search engine optimization is a slow process, but once you reach you’re goal it’s worth the wait. It’s a process of gaining trust, building notoriety, and gaining attention from search engines. There are a few reasons SEO is a slow process but still worth the work. SEO is a process
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What Can Long Tail Keywords do for Your SEO?

Search has changed over the years. Instead of simply typing in one or two words, people can now tell Google what they are looking for using phrases. When targeting keywords on your site, you want to be sure you’re targeting the right ones – words and phrases that people will
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Tips to Improve Landing Page Conversions

A landing page is designed to do a specific thing for your business – to get conversions. Whether it be making a purchase, signing up for something, requesting more information, or getting people to subscribe to a newsletter, a landing page’s purpose is very important to generating business. If you’re
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A Perfect Match: Social Media and Email Marketing

Email marketing is an extremely useful marketing strategy, and when paired up with social media it could be even better! There are some simple ways to integrate your social media strategy with your email marketing strategy that ultimately could get you more exposure and more customers. If you don’t have
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Landing Page Fails

Using a landing page to attract customers is a great idea for achieving a targeted objective like getting people to take advantage of a special deal, sign up for a newsletter, buy or download something, or highlight one aspect of your business. In a past blog, “Creating a Successful Landing