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Marketing Terms Everyone Should Know (C-D)

Everyone should know SOME marketing terms! Catching a part of someone’s conversation and being able to understand and respond can unlock interactions with potential customers, establish friendships, and grow business relationships. Enjoy Part 2 in our Marketing Terms Everyone Should Know series- (C-D)! We also run by some common marketing
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Graphic Design

Graphic Design is for Everyone!

We’ve all heard the horror stories. You hire a graphic designer and it quickly becomes apparent that their portfolio was entirely ‘borrowed’ designs from the internet. Or you hire a freelancer and it takes two weeks to get an email response before they disappear into the night. Or you pay
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Social Media

Social Media Marketing Primer: Instagram

Note: This is the second in our monthly series of social media marketing primers. Read part one on Facebook here. After covering the big kid on the block (Facebook) last month, we now turn our attention to Facebook’s little cousin – Instagram. And while Facebook still dominates the social media
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Email Marketing Funnels

Understanding marketing and sales funnels is critical to growing your business. If you don’t have a clear idea of how people move from leads to customers, it is impossible to improve the way you land new business. But when you get intentional about building sales funnels you can start to
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SMS Marketing: Untapped Potential

Text messaging is hardly a new thing. It rapidly became the preferred form of communication among millennials and is gaining in popularity across demographics. My grandmother, who is 83, sends me texts with more emojis than a teenage Instagrammer. Everybody uses text messaging – except for a surprising number of
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Direct Mailing and Email

5 Advantages of Direct Mail

The modern marketer is faced with a paralyzing range of channel options. Social media, PPC, retargeted, and other digital channels dominate the marketing discussion – because it sure seems that the world has gone fully digital over the last decade. But there are still advantages to pursuing traditional marketing channels
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Content Creation: a guide to writing content on unfamiliar topics

As a content marketer, people often ask me how I am able to write content without being an expert. In any given day, I’ll be writing about SEO, photography, auto repair, and pharmaceuticals. And other than SEO, I know very little about any of those topics – but I am
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Social Media Funnels: What to Post and How to Track

Marketing and sales funnels have been the standard way to segment customers for a long time. But this funnel imagery was developed long before the advent of email, social media, and digital marketing. So, how do we reconcile the world of social media with the tried-and-true practice segmenting by funnel
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SMS Marketing: Planning for Success

SMS marketing remains an underutilized marketing tool. This even though text-message marketing boasts some seriously impressive statistics. Reaching customers through mail, email, or social media gets more difficult every day; but SMS marketing is a field that is still largely untapped. As with any marketing strategy, text message marketing requires
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How to Direct Mail: 10 Dos and Don’ts

The reputation of direct mail is often wildly inaccurate. When we talk about direct mail, I fear that a lot of people picture sending out tens of thousands of mailers in a spray-and-pray fashion. But modern direct mail is a totally different animal. Today, direct mail can be targeted to
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New Year Resolutions: Social Media Marketing in 2017

Resolutions are hard, and now that we’re a solid week into 2017 the novelty has worn off. So, whether you’ve already slipped up or are going strong, here are five resolutions to consider for your social media marketing in 2017 – and I promise they’re all less painful than going
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Creating Target Personas

Whether your concerned with branding, advertising, social media, or content creation; it is important to understand your target audience. The best branding strategy, social media campaign, or blog is useless if it is not reaching people who care about your content. Given the importance of understanding and reaching your target
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Marketing, Public Relations, Social Media

Social Media Marketing: Planning makes Perfect

Building and maintaining an effective social media presence isn’t easy – it requires a large investment of both time and resources. Many larger companies may be able to afford extra resources, but a small business doesn’t have the time or money to spare on social media marketing (SMM) that isn’t
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Email Nurturing – A Case Study

Lead Nurturing Many businesses spend great resources to acquire leads – either buying lists or building their own through customer interaction. And most businesses are happy spending to acquire a list, blast out a few emails, and sit back and wait. But if that’s your strategy when it comes to
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The Holiday Rush – Advertising, Marketing, and Printing

We’re fast approaching on the most wonderful time of the year – while most are thinking of approaching winter, evenings around the yule log, and re-visiting holiday classics; it’s crunch time for retail businesses and their marketing departments. The winter holiday season gives us the ultimate triple threat – a
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Brand Development

Branding: Keep it Fresh!

Your brand is your image as a business. It’s your identity! People look to your brand, oftentimes summed up with your logo or slogan, to gain an understanding of what you stand for and what it would be like to business with you. It’s important to come up with a
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Website Design

Is Your Website More Important than Your Business Card?

Don’t get me wrong, business cards are still important. They provide basic contact information and are great for making contacts and giving people something tangible to refer to. A while back we wrote a blog post that gave a timeline of the history of business cards – they’ve been around
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Website Design

Missing Out Without a Website?

Does your business have a website? If not, you may be missing out on some valuable business benefits. A website is an investment in your business’s advertising and marketing, and it will ultimately boost business for you. So what are some things that your business may be missing out without
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Marketing, Social Media

Want to Start a New Social Media Account?

So you’ve got a Facebook for your business, and you’re considering starting a new social media profile. Don’t just jump into it! Making social media work for your business is about strategy, timing, and commitment. Sometimes small businesses make the social media marketing mistake of spreading themselves too thin. You
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Advertising, Marketing

Pros and Cons of Print Advertising

 Print advertising is still a relevant form of advertising, even in the age of technology. Understanding the pros and cons can help you make a decision as to what route you want to take with your advertising and marketing plan. There are a number of factors that play a part
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Content Marketing for Small Business

Content is relevant and useful material that is written with the main goal of attracting and maintaining customers. Marketing and design agencies, like Fusion Group USA, write content for websites and marketing collateral to inform and persuade customers to do business with you. Content marketing is focused on distributing that
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Tips for Digital Marketing Success!

Business has changed over the course of time, evolving to fit the changing environment. One huge change has been the emphasis on online, or digital marketing. With the prevalence of the internet and devices that make it accessible virtually everywhere, your business needs to stay competitive. Starting a digital marketing
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Direct Mailing and Email, Marketing

Linking Direct Mail with Digital Marketing

Direct mail is an excellent marketing tool – you can target your audience and collect data while raising awareness of your brand. You can make a direct mailing even better by linking it to your digital marketing campaign. Direct mail is great because more people are likely to see or
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Public Relations

Get Your PR Buzz On!

Public Relations helps you build a relationship with your target market, and when done successfully can drum up quite a bit of business! The PR world can be hard to navigate, especially if you have little experience with media. Fusion Group USA includes a number of PR services including writing