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Why Your Great Looking Website is Probably a Lemon: Your Checklist for Optimal Website Functionality

An appealing website design will draw people in, but a website with substance will both increase dwell time and warrant action on their part. The true test of a website’s value lies not only in its’ design, but also its’ functionality. Does your website meet (or exceed) these function-testing factors?
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Landing Page Best Practices

I talk about digital marketing a lot in this space (probably because this is a marketing and advertising blog, imagine that). Email marketing, PPC advertising, social media usage, all of that gets significant attention. But I have realized that I’ve left a glaring hole is the topics covered here at
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Designing Winning Emails

Email marketing is an attractive option because of its inexpensive price point when compared to direct mail or other forms of direct marketing – while options for customization and automation make it an even more attractive choice. However, the world of email is highly competitive – with an estimated 205
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Using Facebook to Generate Leads

Social media is an awesome tool for small business, especially if you focus it on lead generation. Facebook can be used in a multitude of ways to gain more customers. There are about 1.13 billion daily users on Facebook, making it a great outlet to advertise your brand! You can
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Finding Your Website Purpose

Do you know what your website purpose is? There are a few different reasons for having a website and having a clearly defined purpose will streamline and clarify your website’s design. Your website is an online marketing asset and it’s important to use it to its highest potential so that
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A Perfect Match: Social Media and Email Marketing

Email marketing is an extremely useful marketing strategy, and when paired up with social media it could be even better! There are some simple ways to integrate your social media strategy with your email marketing strategy that ultimately could get you more exposure and more customers. If you don’t have
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Landing Page Fails

Using a landing page to attract customers is a great idea for achieving a targeted objective like getting people to take advantage of a special deal, sign up for a newsletter, buy or download something, or highlight one aspect of your business. In a past blog, “Creating a Successful Landing
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Linking Direct Mail with Digital Marketing

Direct mail is an excellent marketing tool – you can target your audience and collect data while raising awareness of your brand. You can make a direct mailing even better by linking it to your digital marketing campaign. Direct mail is great because more people are likely to see or
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Creating a Successful Landing Page

Having a professional and well-designed website is important to business these days. However, there are instances in which you should not be directing traffic to your site, but to a landing page instead. A landing page is a web page that has a targeted objective to which you are directing