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The Future of Social Media Video

A few weeks ago, we talked about how the Stories format will continue to grow across Facebook and Instagram. This is big news for anyone looking to use social media for marketing purposes – and it should be a driving force behind any new efforts on either channel. Today, we’ll
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Tell Your Story: Facebook’s Story Format for Business Owners

Are you using Facebook or Instagram Stories as a part of your brand’s marketing strategy? They’ve been around for about two years now, and it’s time to face the facts – they are here to stay. Continuing to ignore the Stories features puts you at risk for getting left behind
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Social Media Marketing Primer: Instagram

Note: This is the second in our monthly series of social media marketing primers. Read part one on Facebook here. After covering the big kid on the block (Facebook) last month, we now turn our attention to Facebook’s little cousin – Instagram. And while Facebook still dominates the social media