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5 Advantages of Direct Mail

The modern marketer is faced with a paralyzing range of channel options. Social media, PPC, retargeted, and other digital channels dominate the marketing discussion – because it sure seems that the world has gone fully digital over the last decade. But there are still advantages to pursuing traditional marketing channels – especially direct...

Direct Mail by the Numbers

Direct mail continues to see marketing success. Many businesses that could benefit from the exposure and ROI of direct mail, but they’re scared away by rumors of direct mail’s demise. There are a thousand and one marketers saying the future is digital (and they’re partially correct), but it is not the time to abandon the […]

4 Ways to Ensure Direct Mail Results

I talk about direct mail quite a bit around here – about its strengths and weaknesses, about its ROI potential, and about its potential for your business. And we firmly stand behind the value of direct mail, but today I want to take a slightly different look at direct mail. Rather than talking about the […]

Direct Mail: Getting the Most

Direct mail campaigns are a great way to reach customers – they are an economical, tried-and-true method. But too many marketers look at the strong performance history of direct mail and decide to throw money at a directionless campaign – and then wonder why they’re not getting the same return on their investment. Direct mail […]