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12 Tips and Tricks for Legendary Logos

Creating legendary logos isn’t impossible- knowing the right tips and tricks is half the battle.  “Logos are a graphic extension of the internal realities of a company.” – Saul Bass Your products and services may be nothing short of legendary, but the real question is: is your logo legendary? Consumers
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Marketing Terms Everyone Needs to Know (E-F)

Marketing terms sneak up into everyday conversations. If you understand what someone is talking about, you’re already ahead of the game! Make the most out of planned and unplanned conversations by understanding some of the most commonly used words in the marketing language… because marketing is everywhere!  To help, we
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The Do’s and Don’ts of Dealing with Negative Online Reviews

When it comes to your business, reputation is everything. “A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.” – Jeff Bezos Nowadays, it is increasingly rare to find a person that doesn’t check online reviews before conducting
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Your Brand’s Voice is Your Brand’s Power: Your Guide to Success

Humans have a fascination with voice. Before we dive into brand voice, let’s examine voice in a familiar context. We use voice to differentiate between friends who are talking to us at the same time, and we feel comfort- or, anxiety- when we hear specific people speak. We use our
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Guerrilla Marketing: Still Alive and Well in 2019

Marketing has evolved over the years, pulling away from the traditional media conduits of newspapers, magazines, and TV, and towards the futuristic world of digital. But, there is still one tried and true marketing method that has withstood the sands of time since its’ inception in the 1980s: Guerrilla Marketing.
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Direct Mailing and Email

Direct Mail and Multi-Channel Follow Up

We’ve used this space to sing the praises of direct mail before. And we’re still big believers in the power of this tried-and-true marketing tool. But believing in the effectiveness of direct mail doesn’t blind us to the potential to improve on old techniques. In this blog post, we will
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Graphic Design

The Importance of Logo Design

Logo design shouldn’t be an afterthought for your business – but that’s how many small and medium-sized businesses treat it. Your logo will be the face of your business for years to come, and it should be treated with the proper importance as people’s first introduction to your company. A
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The Importance of Branding

Many small business owners see branding as an afterthought – something to be pursued only after they have seen some success. Or, even worse, something that matters to the Amazons and Wal-Marts of the world. But developing and maintaining a positive and consistent brand identity should be a top priority
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Local Business Needs Reviews

For local businesses, online reviews are too important to ignore. Positive reviews help to establish your brand as a trusted place to do business and will give a bump to your SEO, while negative reviews will drive away customers and cost you in search engine rankings. In a nutshell, local
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The Marathon Mindset of Content Marketing

When it comes to content marketing, the process looks more like a marathon than a sprint. I know we live in a world of instant gratification and everyone (especially marketers) want results now, but we should change that mindset when we’re talking about content marketing. But the marathon mindset causes
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Promotional Products

Promotional Products: A Taste of Summer

Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow early this morning, and that means we’re in for another six weeks of winter. In the hopes of breaking the long winter doldrums, we’re taking a look at some summertime favorite promotional products. But we’re really not getting that far ahead of ourselves, as late
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Sizing your Logo for Web Design

Your logo is the face of your company and you want to push that image as much as possible. So when it comes to web design, the temptation is to feature your logo as big and as bold as possible. It makes sense – big graphics make a big impact,
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Logo Colors – An Important Choice

Developing an eye-catching logo should be the cornerstone of your brand development. And one key to good logo design is color choice – as it often evokes powerful emotions and feelings in the viewer. On both a physiological and cultural level, colors shape how we think about certain products –
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Promotional Products: The Sky’s the Limit

Promotional products are consistently one of the most effective ways of getting your brand in front of consumers. A 2004 study performed by L.J. Market Research shows that up to 35% of recipients will keep a promotional product for over two years! It is hard to overstate the sort of
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Promotional Products

Promotional Products for All!

Having trouble thinking of promotional products that would work at your upcoming event or for your business? Well look no further – here is a list of popular items for various industries that will inspire you to get some promo items going for your business! Accounting: calculators, pens, highlighters, letter
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Brand Development

Branding: Keep it Fresh!

Your brand is your image as a business. It’s your identity! People look to your brand, oftentimes summed up with your logo or slogan, to gain an understanding of what you stand for and what it would be like to business with you. It’s important to come up with a
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Marketing, Social Media

Want to Start a New Social Media Account?

So you’ve got a Facebook for your business, and you’re considering starting a new social media profile. Don’t just jump into it! Making social media work for your business is about strategy, timing, and commitment. Sometimes small businesses make the social media marketing mistake of spreading themselves too thin. You
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Content Marketing for Small Business

Content is relevant and useful material that is written with the main goal of attracting and maintaining customers. Marketing and design agencies, like Fusion Group USA, write content for websites and marketing collateral to inform and persuade customers to do business with you. Content marketing is focused on distributing that
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Brand Development

Branding with Social Media

Your brand is your business face – it’s your identity and your first impression. Branding is an important and essential part of developing your business and is something that should be done with consideration of your business direction and goals. After building your brand, you want to get brand exposure
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Graphic Design

Logo Design: Time for a Facelift?

If your company has a logo, how do you know if it’s time for a redesign? Your business evolves, like you! Which means your brand and your logo – the foundation of your brand – changes as well. Evaluating your brand identity and logo can keep your business relevant and
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Promotional Products

Keep Your Promotional Marketing Strategy on Target

Promotional items can be an effective marketing strategy – they increase brand exposure and recognition while creating a connection between you and your prospective customer. With literally thousands of promotional items that you can choose from, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of selecting the items that
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Why Aren’t You Advertising?

There are various reasons people may choose to not advertise their products or services, and in this blog post we will discuss three of those reasons. Regardless of the size of your market, advertising can be a key component to any complete marketing plan. If you’re not sure how to
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Brand Development

Defining Your Brand: Some Things to Consider

Your business brand is a promise to your customer – it establishes your identity and gives them a picture of what they can expect from you. Branding is the first step in developing your business plan and comes before any form of advertising or marketing can occur. Fusion Group USA
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Commercial Printing

The Art of Printing

Thinking about getting some t-shirts or signage printed for your business but curious about how it’s actually done? You may be new to the world of printing, and Fusion Group USA is here to help you navigate and understand how printing can help boost business. We print nearly anything you