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12 Tips and Tricks for Legendary Logos

Creating legendary logos isn’t impossible- knowing the right tips and tricks is half the battle.  “Logos are a graphic extension of the internal realities of a company.” – Saul Bass Your products and services may be nothing short of legendary, but the real question is: is your logo legendary? Consumers
Choose a Domain Name
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How to Choose a Domain Name

Getting a website is an important step for any business. But before you start thinking about design, search engine optimization, or navigation; you will need to have a domain name. It can seem like an afterthought, but a bad domain name can sabotage an otherwise smooth website plan. Today I’ll
commercial printing product ideas
Commercial Printing

Commercial Printing Product Ideas

Just about every business can benefit from commercial printing, but obtaining the full benefit requires thinking beyond basic business cards and letterhead. Nothing against business cards and letterhead, they’re great. But you need a fresh perspective if you want to stand out from your competitors. I’m not talking about re-inventing
graphic design plan
Graphic Design

Does Your Business Have a Graphic Design Plan?

It’s becoming increasingly clear that every business needs a graphic design plan. Between social media, email marketing, printed collateral, and signage; every business has design needs. And nothing screams unprofessional like design that was obviously cobbled together using clip art and Microsoft Word. If you’re looking to get high-quality graphic design
hiring a graphic designer
Graphic Design

6 Tips for Hiring a Graphic Designer

The world of graphic design is filled with people overpromising and under delivering. With everybody who shells out for an Adobe subscription and access to stock artwork claiming to be the next big thing in graphic design, what do you when you looking for a trustworthy graphic design agency? Today
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Graphic Design

The Importance of Logo Design

Logo design shouldn’t be an afterthought for your business – but that’s how many small and medium-sized businesses treat it. Your logo will be the face of your business for years to come, and it should be treated with the proper importance as people’s first introduction to your company. A
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Get the Most From Your Graphic Designer

Finding a qualified graphic designer is a total pain-in-the-you-know-what; especially if you’re a busy business owner. You have to sift through every Joe Schmoe who shelled out the money for some Adobe products and thinks he’s a designer – just to find that the one with talent. And who has time for that? In the past, businesses had two
Old fashioned typewriter typography
Graphic Design

Graphic Design: An Introduction to Typography

Typography is everywhere. But with the rise of word processors and automated design software, we think about it less and less every day. Our computers, great little machines that they are, have taken much of the leg work out of producing legible text blocks. But in letting computers do the
web design services
Website Design

Stress Less Web Design

We live in a busy and cluttered world. Everywhere we turn there are voices shouting for our attention – from television, the internet, our phones, billboards, street signs, and a whole host of other voices. They demand our time and our attention as though we had an endless supply of
commercial printing
Commercial Printing

Tactile Trends in Printing

Standing out in a crowded marketplace is always a challenge. It is the reason we have a proliferation of marketers, social media experts, advertising, and consultants; there are always new trends and the latest buzzwords to track and utilize. Digital trends are great, but what excellent way to stand out
brand development
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Dependable Brand Development

Developing a successful brand means more than just a clever name or catchy logo – it means creating a cohesive identity that resonates with your target audience. Building and maintaining that consistent identity helps to shape customer expectations and eventually will build customer loyalty and community. Brand development should grow
picture of paint colors
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Logo Colors – An Important Choice

Developing an eye-catching logo should be the cornerstone of your brand development. And one key to good logo design is color choice – as it often evokes powerful emotions and feelings in the viewer. On both a physiological and cultural level, colors shape how we think about certain products –
picture of custom printed work shirt
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Work Attire – Custom and Practical

Custom printing is the easiest way to transform your employees from a rag-tag group of misfits into a professional, cohesive unit that represents your company. Think of it this way: when your team shows up at a client’s home or work do they want to see a group wearing whatever
Brand blue puzzle pieces assembled
Brand Development

The Importance of Consistency in Branding

To build brand loyalty, it’s important to remain consistent in your branding. Sticking with the same color palette, font selection, and logo can be important to building recognition with your target market. If you drastically change any of the elements present in your brand, people tend to think you’re changing
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Graphic Design

What is Graphic Design?

Fusion Group USA is a full service marketing agency that specializes in web design, commercial printing, and graphic design. But what exactly is graphic design? There are a number of things that go into graphic design and it can be used for a number of marketing and advertising tools. Graphic
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Website Design

Landing Page Fails

Using a landing page to attract customers is a great idea for achieving a targeted objective like getting people to take advantage of a special deal, sign up for a newsletter, buy or download something, or highlight one aspect of your business. In a past blog, “Creating a Successful Landing
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Large Format Printing

Don’t Forget Signage!

Signs are so important to our lives! They give us directions, let us know we’re in the right (or wrong) spot, and give us an idea of what is offered in an area. In an infograph on Visually, it is cited that signage is responsible for 50% of your customers.