Tactile Trends in Printing

Standing out in a crowded marketplace is always a challenge. It is the reason we have a proliferation of marketers, social media experts, advertising, and consultants; there are always new trends and the latest buzzwords to track and utilize. Digital trends are great, but what excellent way to stand out from the crowd is through tactile-rich printed collateral.
Capitalizing on the senses of touch and feel is a great way to reach customers that are dulled by distant, digital interaction through the screen of their smartphone. When it comes to printed material, many businesses are unaware of the huge range of options – including material, thickness, and texture.

Printing is more than just paper! One popular modern trend is plastic business cards – these stand-out products are durable and unique. With options for opaque, semi-transparent, and clear; plastic business cards allow for a fresh take on an old classic. Other material options include recycled (and unbleached) paper, linen paper, stickers, magnets, and more.

Printed collateral has a wide range of stock and thickness options. While many discount printers use the cheapest option available, we use the stock that fits your needs. Presenting printed materials that have a thick, quality feel says a lot about your business and its commitment to quality. Matching the right stock with the right job is essential to getting your message out in a way that stands out from the competition.

Texture covers a wide range of printing options. One option with an over-sized impact is coating: aqueous (AQ) and ultraviolet (US). UV coating provides a smooth glossy finish to your printed material, while aqueous coating protects and provides options for both gloss and matte finishes. Entire printed pieces can be coated, or with spot-UV and spot-AQ. The spot coating process only coats certain parts of the print job; creating a unique and varied texture that is sure to stand out to consumers.

Endless Combinations
This is just a small peek at the option available for printed collateral. But even with this limited look, it easy to see the endless possible combinations that come from combining material, thickness, and texture to create business cards, brochures, flyers, and other materials.
A quality printing agency knows how to combine all of these tactile experiences in a way that sets your business apart, speaks about your commitment to quality, and builds your reputation as an innovator. Contact Fusion Group USA today to see how we can take your printed collateral to the next level through a unique tactile experience.

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