Being Strategic About Website Promotion

Ever play chess? It’s a tricky game that involves moving each piece strategically with the ultimate goal of taking down the other team’s king. Marketing is kind of like chess in a sense – making strategic moves with the goal of gaining business. Your website should be a key component of your marketing strategy and launching your website is only the first step. Making the right moves after launch to promote and market the site will help drive traffic to it and generate the results you want. There are some simple ways to promote your website, and Fusion Group USA can help you with some of these strategic moves. Here are a few:

  • Link social media and engage people regularly to drive traffic to your site. Have a social media marketing plan so that you can stay consistent with your posts and interactions. Direct people to your website when they ask questions about your business and respond to people as quickly as possible to keep customer relations positive.
  • Add your website to your business stationery! Even if your website is a new addition to your business, have your stationery reprinted to reflect the change. You want to start promoting your website as soon as possible to start driving traffic. Something else that is simple is adding the website address to your email signature so that everyone you email is encouraged to visit your site.
  • When designing and developing your site, be sure to ask about basic SEO principals. Pay attention to your content, include keywords, pay attention to image tags, meta descriptions, and backlinks. Some other things that need attention include how your site is coded, how quickly it loads, ease of use, and accessibility to a range of devices and browser. These factors will play a part in how successfully your site is discovered on search engines. The higher you rank in search engine results for keywords about your business, the more likely people are going to click on your website!
  • You can invest in retargeting ads. These come into play if someone came to your but left without buying anything. Your ad is then displayed for them on other sites like Facebook to remind them of what you offer. This is a targeted way to expose your brand to people who already showed interest in your website.
  • Do an email blast or direct mailing piece. You can purchase or compile a list of current and prospective customers and send them a promotional email or postcard letting them know about your new website and maybe offering some sort of deal if they purchase something from the site – this is great for eCommerce sites.

Thinking of ways to market your website both online and offline will drive traffic to your site and increase your brand exposure. Coming up with a successful marketing plan that integrates your website to appeal to your target market is something that Fusion Group USA can help with. We can develop a comprehensive strategy that incorporates both online and offline marketing and fits within your budget. Treat your marketing plan like a game of chess, and be sure to make all the right moves. You can check out the Services page on our site to see what we offer or just give us a call to discuss your options!

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