Start Talking! 10 Ways to Engage Your Business’s Social Media Fans

Colleagues on coffee break. Side view of cheerful young man and woman sitting at the table and chatting while man holding cup of hot drink

If you’re at a casual get together, it’s okay if you don’t have much to say. Sometimes, it’s easier and more rewarding to just listen. Other times we really just want to hear someone enthusiastically walk us through why their Uncle Joe got arrested at Thanksgiving. (How could we seriously top that?)

The point is, in-person conversations don’t always have to involve both sides speaking to be worthwhile.

However, on social media, it’s a different story.  If your business is talking into an abyss, it doesn’t matter how wonderful your products are or how supportive your company’s customer service is. If the conversation is one-sided, you can bet the relationship is, too.

A strong social media presence is critical to success in today’s technology-driven world.

78% of consumers say a business’s social media posts influence their buying decisions (Source: 

71% of customers that have had a good social media experience with a brand are likely to recommend it to others

>50% of all social media users engage with at least one brand- via a like, share, follow, comment, etc.- several times a month

33% of consumers would prefer communicating with a brand via social media than by telephone (Source:

Plus, consumers who receive good customer service or have a pleasant communication experience with a brand on social media are likely to spend 21% more. (Source:

Here’s a quick list of ways to keep customers engaged with your page- and, as a result, the rest of your business!

1. Respond back.. quickly!

The longer your business takes to respond to messages or comments online, the harder your credibility is hit. Consumers that can’t get answers to simple, quick questions online are far less likely to attempt to communicate with you through other formats.

Plus, negative word of mouth spreads incredibly quickly- prevention is far less messy than cleanup.

2. Don’t post spammy videos and links.

Few things trash your business’s social media presence more than being “one of those” companies that populate their page with videos and links that have practically nothing to do with their industry.

If the videos or links you’re dying to post would fit right in on People Magazine’s page, they probably should be used very sparingly, if at all.

Your page is an online representative for your company. Keep content clean, relevant, and credible.

3. Show some personality.

Show real people are working behind the scenes. Avoid generic, copy-and-paste style responses and posts.

Whether your company wants to take the time to introduce employees on Facebook or post the occasional joke to lighten the mood is up to you.

If your business gives off a likable personality online, your fans will be more likely to interact with your posts… and, your business!

4. Tie your social media efforts directly into your other marketing efforts.

People appreciate patterns and predictability when it comes to the organizations they conduct business with. Any company can throw ideas out from all directions and cross their fingers.

To break away from the crowd, coordinate all aspects of your marketing campaigns to display consistency and organization.

Repetition of the same message or subject matter is incredibly useful in marketing to aid in recall and solidify your brand’s credibility.

5. Don’t use stock images exclusively.

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Including a relevant image in a post is arguably better than not including one at all.

However, while high-quality stock images are pleasing to the eye, “too much of a good thing” rings true in this case.

Consumers deeply appreciate anything that builds the credibility of a brand. Testimonials, reviews, and photos of employees working “in the field” are valuable tools in encouraging engagement and demonstrating personability and personality.

6. Implement social media-exclusive discounts and coupons.

Reward people following your page with discounts they can only access by following your page.

The word of mouth generated from following a page that offers exclusive rewards is a great way to spread awareness. Plus, people will keep a closer eye on the content you post from that point forward

7. Run contests.

One of the best ways to boost engagement between you and your audience is to run contests and hold competitions on your page.

In addition to offering the benefits of #6 on this list, contests bring out our competitive sides.

The thrill of participating in a potentially rewarding contest can be achieved via a simple “Post a picture using our product” comment contest.

8. Find the appropriate balance between predictability and novelty.

Your posts should follow a fairly predictable schedule when it comes to frequency.

Posting a few times a week on specific days- give or take minor fluctuations, builds dependability.

On the other hand, varying the types of content you post cuts down on the “stale content disease” many pages fall victim to.

If you predominantly post articles from the same website, or your content is overwhelmingly text-only, change it up. Include a video. Run a contest. Conduct a poll. Show a warmer side of your corporation by spotlighting an employee.

9. Encourage engagement- by asking for it.

Although contests and competitions are great ways to ask for engagement, you probably aren’t always able to offer shiny rewards and discounts.

If you want more back-and-forth to occur on your page, act like a friend, not a salesman.

Find out if any zany, out of the ordinary holidays like “Bring Your Pet to Work Day” are occurring and encourage people to share their photos and opinions. Heck, break the ice by sharing a picture of your workspace or something you value- pets, scenery, and babies are always welcome sights!

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