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Social Media Marketing is the process of growing a loyal following through various social media sites; and Fusion Group USA creates and manages social media campaigns that promote your business’ image and content across a wide variety of platforms.

By creating marketing plans that build trust and interactive relationships with potential customers, our social media marketing serves to create credibility, brand loyalty, and market authority. Our marketing campaigns follow a simple, three-step process: create and promote content, interact with potential customers, and increase followers.

This method of driving traffic through social media helps to create a brand identity that is trustworthy and responsive – which in turn generates loyal customers that become brand ambassadors. Click here to learn more.



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  • Staying Active
  • Choose 1
  • $199
  • $85
  • Add 20%
  • 5 Per Week
  • 12 Per Month
  • 30 Min Per Week
  • 50 Words Per Post
  • $65 Per Blog



Get Started
  • Growth
  • Choose 3
  • $199
  • $75 Per Month
  • $175
  • 15 Total Per Week
  • 12 Per Month
  • 45 Min Per Week
  • 75 Words Per Post
  • $35 Per Blog



Get Started
  • Active Business
  • Choose 3
  • $199
  • $150 Per Month
  • $225
  • 20 Total Per Week
  • 15 Per Month
  • 45 Min Per Week
  • 150 Words Per Post
  • 2 Per Month



Get Started
  • Corporate
  • Choose 4
  • $199
  • $200 Per Month
  • $500
  • Unlimited
  • 20 Per Month
  • 1 Hr Per Week
  • 200 Words Per Post
  • 1 Per Week

*Services with an are available for an additional fee.

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Why Chose Us?

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Fusion Group USA cares about your business like you care about your business – and that comes out in the way we approach social media marketing. From the initial meeting our focus in on your goals – what they are, how we can create a custom plan to meet those goals, and how we can exceed your expectations through strategic use of organic and paid social media marketing techniques.

While many companies try to tackle social media marketing on their own, it too often leads to inconsistent or even abandoned social media accounts. Nothing presents a worse picture than a dead social media page!

Fusion Group USA can help to build a consistent and responsive social media presence that creates customer loyalty, helps SEO rank, and drives traffic to your business. Through account optimization, paid advertising, content creation, and custom designs we will set your business apart from the masses – contact us today to set up an initial consultation and strategy session.