Social Media Funnels: What to Post and How to Track

Marketing and sales funnels have been the standard way to segment customers for a long time. But this funnel imagery was developed long before the advent of email, social media, and digital marketing. So, how do we reconcile the world of social media with the tried-and-true practice segmenting by funnel location?

Today we’ll look at using social media to reach consumers at the top, middle, and bottom of your sales funnel. What type of content are they looking for? How can you best reach each segment? What does marketing success look at in the world of social media?

Social media is a powerful tool – especially because it can simultaneously reach consumers across your funnel. Unlike more traditional marketing methods, you don’t need to separate channels to reach potential clients, leads, and customers – you can do it all within your existing social media landscape.

Reaching Everyone

The beauty of social media is its ability to reach customers at every stage of your sales or marketing funnel. You can reach people who are at the top, middle, and bottom of your funnel – all through a single channel of social media. Whether customers are in the consideration, decision, or buying stage; you can deliver relevant content that helps to convert customers.

Let’s look at how to reach across your entire funnel with social media:

  • Top of Funnel: These consumers are strangers to your brand. To reach and engage with them on social media, you need to catch their attention through offering value. These posts could include infographics, articles, and podcasts.
  • Middle of Funnel: Once you’ve captured their attention through valuable content, you have potential customers in the middle of your funnel. These customers are gathering information and considering possible solutions to their pain point. Reach middle of funnel customers with how-to guides, webinars, and case studies.
  • Bottom of Funnel: As consumers get closer to becoming customers, they enter the bottom of your marketing funnel. At this point, customers are ready to make a final purchasing decision. Great content to reach the bottom of the funnel customers is testimonials, endorsements, and product demos.

Tracking Your Reach

So now you’re creating content that is targeted at consumers across your funnel. How do you measure the success of your efforts? The obvious thing to track is sales and conversions, but there are other metrics that will give you some idea about your reach to each segmented group.

  • Top of Funnel: At this stage, you are introducing your brand to strangers. The primary metric to track is new follows – this will give you an idea of how many people are being introduced to your brand on social media.
  • Middle of Funnel: Now that consumers know about your brand, you should be tracking social media engagements and clicks. This will show you that they are considering your brand and educating themselves about your products or services.
  • Bottom of Funnel: Tracking success at the bottom of your funnel should be all about sales and conversions. This can be harder to directly correlate to social media activity, but still possible with some advanced analytics work.

Bonus Round

Your social media effort shouldn’t end at the time of a sale or conversion. There is also one more stage to consider: the brand advocate. Once you have converted customers, you can use social media to empower them in becoming promoters of your brand. This means providing valuable resources that your loyal customers can share.

Using customers as advocates will introduce more people into the top of your funnel and you can begin the whole process again – providing value to strangers, education to potential customers, and tools to buyers. Social media allows you to reach these people from a single platform.

Social Media Marketing

Social media provides powerful tools for reaching consumers across your sales and marketing funnel. Whether that is through paid or organic reach, it is important to have a clear marketing plan in place before you jump into social media marketing. Consider hiring a professional marketing firm to help you realize your full social media potential.

Fusion Group USA offers full service, monthly social media marketing plans that fit any budget. We can simply help you get off the ground or we can manage a paid advertising campaign – whatever your needs, we can help. Contact us today and we can get you on the road to social media success!

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