Using Social Media to Get Conversions

Social media is great for business in a lot of ways. Using it to make sales just seems like the natural thing to do, especially if you’re spending a lot of time and effort on social media. There are a number of ways to optimize your social media account and your website for conversions. Here are a few simple things you can add to your social media page or to your website to start seeing that cash flow!

  1. Make sure you are targeting the right market on the right channel. If you’re selling products or services that are geared towards active Millennials, Facebook is probably your best bet. If you sell business to business, LinkedIn may be a better route. Be sure that you are selective about your channels and don’t spread yourself too thin – the amount of time and effort your put into to your social media marketing is directly proportionate to what you get out of it. Don’t waste your time on a channel that isn’t even utilized by your target market.
  2. Create an easy path for your customers to follow. You can create a tab on your Facebook page for easy conversion depending on what you are trying to get people to do – whether it be making a purchase, entering in their email info, or signing up for a newsletter. Make it easy and accessible, conversion should only be a couple clicks away. You want to keep people’s attention and make sure that they stay engaged long enough to convert.
  3. Your social media page should act as a source of information for your customers. Before they want to buy from you or connect with you, they’ll probably want to learn more about your business and make sure you seem credible. Adding valuable content to your page helps build trust and credibility, allowing people the opportunity to learn a little more about your business and ask questions. Building relationships with your customer base on social media can help build loyalty to your business.
  4. Include special deals and promotions on your page. This will not only draw people in, but it will help you measure how successful your page is at attracting people. Measuring your success and failure is important to the process of social media marketing evolution – make changes accordingly and get rid of what’s not working.
  5. Encourage people to share when they make a purchase online. Include a share option at the checkout to boost your social proof. In addition to this, when asking people to sign in or register, include a sign in option with social media. If you make signing up as easy as clicking a button, more people will be prone to continue with their purchase.

You can make social media work for your business, and see conversions if you make a few changes here and there. Social media is not only great for building connections and relationships with current and prospective customers, it’s also great for boosting sales and increasing conversion rates. If you need some social media marketing consultation, or would like to make some changes on your website, Fusion Group USA can help! Call today to learn more about what you can do with social media.

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