Social Media Advertising – 5 tips that get clicks

Achieving organic reach in social media is becoming harder by the day. There are two main reasons for this: Facebook and other social media sites are seeing an opportunity to increase ad revenue and the user experience demands less intrusive advertising and more content-rich ‘advertainment.’

Reaching your target audience on social media may be getting harder in some ways, but the powerful targeting and analytic tools offered to advertisers are allowing paid advertisement to keep pace with the demand to reach consumers. Taking full advantage of these tools, along with pleasing ad design and copy, is key to maintaining your reach and engagement on social media. So, what makes a great social media ad? What separates it from a Adwords, print, and other traditional forms of advertisement?

Generate Demand

With other online advertisement, the goal is demand fulfillment – consumers are searching for answers and you want to give them what they need. With social media advertising the goals are different – often your target audience isn’t searching for anything specific. Social Media ads need to take that into account and focus on generating demand rather than fulfilling demand. This means showing consumers how your product will benefit them based on their social media likes and habits.

Visual Advertisement

As advertisements have become directly integrated into users’ feeds it is increasingly important to design ads that mesh with the overall look and feel of the user experience. To this end, visual ads perform much better than text. And further, visuals that don’t immediately strike the view as ad-like do the best. Becoming an integrated part of user’s social media experience rather than an interruption of that experience is vital to producing well-performing ads.

Excellent Copy

Visuals may catch the user’s eye, but engaging copy will earn clicks. Be brief – as you only have a second or two to hook the viewer. If you’ve followed the advice above and have eye-catching visuals you’ve won the initial battle, but the user will still scroll past if there’s nothing there to further pique their curiosity. Getting those coveted click-throughs rests on the quality of your copy – so don’t skimp where it matters. There are many different directions to take when planning your advertising copy – from humor to open-ended questions, so try a few different strategies and see what works for your brand.

Keep it Relevant

Your brand should have a story to tell, and that should be highlighted in social media advertisement. Just as on-point visuals will help to mesh your ads with the user’s feed, so will engaging story telling. People are on social media to be entertained so capitalize on that by telling your brand’s story in a way that engages the reader while pushing your product or service.

Have a Goal

Jumping into an advertising campaign with no goal is a great way to waste money. When it comes to social media advertising, a clear-cut goal will help to identify the target audience and refine the demographic tools available to advertisers, while also providing a metric to determine return on investment. As in most online advertising, social media ads can be tailored to a very specific set of people within a certain geographic region. Nailing down your target audience allows a more focused approach that doesn’t waste ad-dollars on the wrong people.

Reach your Goal

Having a final goal in mind, whether it is click-throughs or conversions, allows you to see just how well your advertisement is performing. Blindly sending ads out into cyberspace is a surefire way to lose money. But targeting a specific audience and then tracking your performance will allow you to refine your social media advertising strategy over time – capitalizing on what works and scrapping things that don’t

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