SMS Marketing: The Do’s and Don’ts

Marketers are always looking for the newest way to reach customers. Mail, e-mail, and social media have all held the attention of marketers and advertisers as a novel way of reaching the masses – but, for some reason, SMS (text message) marketing has not garnered the same level of attention. This seeming lack of interest leaves a golden opportunity to capitalize on an underutilized channel.
Text messaging is one of the most effective ways to reach customers – as it consistently has the highest open rate of any digital channel. SMS marketing messages boasts an astounding 77% open rate (compared to 20% for email). Most consumers are used to ignoring emails (or even filtering out advertising and promotional emails altogether), but the low number of marketing text messages means that consumers have not gone ‘ad-blind’ to promotional messages.

The Do’s and Don’ts

SMS marketing does have a slightly higher bar for entry than some more common forms of marketing – but the rewards are definitely worth the extra effort in getting your text campaign off the ground. There are governmental and FCC compliance issues; specialized software for managing, sending, and tracking; and new patterns and strategies to learn. Today we’ll look at the do’s and don’ts of marketing SMS messages.

  • Don’t Spam: Always good advice, but especially important for SMS marketing. Because consumers are not always used to receiving promotional text messages it is important to keep them from feeling spammy – both for the sake of your business and marketers across the globe. SMS marketing has a bright future, but it could be ruined by a few spammy marketers.
  • Do Offer Quality: The solution to avoiding spam is offering quality. Make sure your text marketing efforts are offering something of value: discounts, sales, specials, and valuable information. Most consumers don’t want a reminder to shop at your store – they want a reason to shop at your store. Get the most out of you SMS efforts by offering real and usable value in your messages.
  • Don’t Text at the Wrong Time: Texting is a more private endeavor than emailing, and so the timing of your text messages needs to be carefully considered. Middle-of-the-night texts should be reserved for family emergencies or your significant other – no for discounts at the local department store!
  • Do Send Timely Messages: We’ve already established that timing matters for SMS messages – but not just for times to avoid. Figure out when you target audience is most likely to be shopping and time your messages around that. Are weekends your busy time? Then consider offering a discount code on Friday afternoon. Or if you run a coffee shop consider sending out a sales notice first thing on a weekday morning.
  • Don’t go Half-In: Effective SMS marketing relies on consistency. The initial investment takes some time to get setup properly, but once your campaign is up and running the software takes care of the leg work. So, if you’re considering a SMS marketing effort – do your research, make a plan, and then jump in with the intention of playing the long game.
  • Do Hire a Professional: Text message marketing requires a specialized knowledge of governmental regulations, carrier rules, and FCC policies; along with access to specialized software for planning and managing your list. While many marketing activities have do-it-yourself options, SMS marketing requires the help of a professional service.

SMS Marketing Experts

The SMS landscape won’t always be so wide open, so now is the time to jump onboard with a text messaging marketing campaign. With the lack of competition, staggering open-rates, and endless possibilities; now is the best time to start building your SMS marketing plans. Fusion Group USA can help in every stage of the process: building your list of subscribers, complying with the laws and regulations, writing eye-catching copy, and access to the latest in SMS marketing software.
If you’re interested in pursuing an SMS marketing campaign, contact us today for a totally free consultation that covers how your business can grow through the use of text message marketing!

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