SMS & MMS Text Message Marketing

SMS Marketing

Text (SMS) and picture (MMS) message marketing is one of the fastest growing marketing tools today. And it should come as no surprise – as it outperformed other direct marketing techniques over the last few years. SMS marketing is an effective tool that is easy to use, fully automated, and naturally focused.

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Why SMS Marketing Works

  • More Read – because so many consumers have their phone nearby, text messages are the most effective way of reaching them quickly. Emails can be easily ignored but as many as 95% of phone users read a text message within five minutes!
  • Not as Used – Although not for long, SMS marketing is an underutilized tool. Because consumers aren’t used to receiving marketing-based text and picture messages, they are more effective at breaking through the noise of a busy marketplace.
  • Naturally Focused – The need to keep SMS messages short leads to a naturally focused message. There’s no room for clutter in a text message, which will force your marketing efforts to be short, clear, and concise.
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How Text Message Marketing Works

SMS marketing is performed through a specialized SMS messaging service – these services allow the marketing efforts to be totally automated – covering sending, database management, unsubscribing, and data tracking.

With a quality SMS marketing system in place, all you have to do is compose the text and Fusion Group USA’s automated systems can take over from there. By handling all the technical side of SMS marketing, we free up our clients to focus on growing their bottom line.

Our system also provides data tracking that covers delivery rates, views, and responses – to ensure that we’re provided a return on your investment. We’re sure that SMS marketing is an effective way to reach consumers, but our extensive data-tracking lets us prove that beyond a doubt.

Building a Database

Because SMS marketing is a relatively new format, building an active database of numbers is a little more difficult, however our SMS system is designed to help you build a quality database of active and potential customers with a variety of methods:

  • Offers and Discounts – We make providing special coupons and discounts to customers that sign up for SMS marketing easy. By having people text a keyword to a special number you can build a reliable database of numbers quickly and efficiently.
  • Website Signups – Custom build widgets can be used on your existing website to drive your SMS marketing efforts – and they can be combined with special offers and discounts as seen above.
  • Social Media – If you already have a strong social media following we can help you leverage that fan base to boost your database.
  • Text Polls – Consumers love to have their voices heard, and conducting a SMS poll is another great way to build up a database of active numbers.

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SMS Legal Issues

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SMS marketing is governed by several FCC, CTIA, and MMA regulations and keeping up with the legal issues can be a difficult task. Our SMS experts are equipped to make sure you are following any existing or new SMS marketing regulations.

Currently, consumers must opt in to your SMS marketing efforts and must be given clear opt out instructions. Our SMS marketing system is design to keep you in compliance with these regulations so that you can focus on your business.

Many mobile service providers also impose their own requirement on what is acceptable in text message marketing – we spend our time keeping up with the latest so that you don’t have to!

SMS Marketing with Fusion Group USA

Whether you’re a retailer, event promoter, non-profit organization, real estate agent, or other business owner; SMS and MMS marketing can be an essential tool in your marketing kit. We at Fusion Group USA can help to grow your business through this new and underutilized method of direct marketing.

If you have any questions about SMS text marketing, contact us today and our team of marketing experts can show you just how we can achieve the results to grow your business using text message marketing.