Sizing your Logo for Web Design

Your logo is the face of your company and you want to push that image as much as possible. So when it comes to web design, the temptation is to feature your logo as big and as bold as possible. It makes sense – big graphics make a big impact, and no graphic is more important than your logo.

However, when it comes to web design, bigger isn’t always better. Throwing the balance of a website off just to push your logo could end up backfiring, as it creates an unprofessional and cluttered look. Consider the following reasons when it comes time to size your logo for web usage:

  • Real Estate is Valuable – Screen space is limited, especially on mobile devices, and an over-sized logo takes up valuable real estate that could be put to better use selling your products and services.
  • Proportions Matter – When it comes to web design, balancing proportions is a huge piece of the puzzle; and putting a too-large logo on the top of every page throws off the whole balance. It forces designers to sacrifice a quality product just for the sake of a logo – and while the logo is important, user experience and aesthetics say just as much about your brand’s commitment to quality and service.
  • People know where they are – Customers aren’t going to forget where they are; especially if a consistent style and color scheme is applied across your website. Think of going into a Target store – there is red everywhere, but an over-sized Target logo isn’t plastered on every item.
  • Compare to the Big Guys – Take a stroll through the internet and note the logo size on some of the largest companies around: Amazon, the NFL, and Ebay all feature properly sized logos that fit the page’s proportions.

Instead of relying on your logo to all the heavy lifting, consider applying a style and color scheme across your site to encourage brand awareness. Your unique colors and styling will remind users just where they are, build brand awareness, and keep your website looking well-proportioned and attractive.

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