Signs: Keeping up with the Latest Designs

When it comes to business signage, a well-designed and clear sign can greatly increase your business – especially walk-in and drive-by traffic. Nothing new here – businesses have been drawing traffic with signs since the beginning of commerce, but while the use of signs may never change; their style and design vary greatly depending on time-period and target demographics.

A recent study commissioned by FedEx Office tracks various trends in business signage by age demographic. The study found some stark contrasts between what Millennials value versus how the older Generation X and Baby Boomers did business. Tracking with how Millennials are acting and reacting is a great way to keep your finger of the pulse of developing trends and ideas.

Creative Design

In the study mentioned above, 64% of Millennials said that when it comes to business signs they highly value the role of creativity in the design – compared to the Baby Boomers who value a simple and easy to understand design. This trend can be observed across a wide spectrum of platforms – from the rise of design-heavy social media such as Instagram and Pinterest to the increase in fashion-forward brands in the marketplace.


The same Millennials also put a larger emphasis on the use of humor in business signage. The internet has caused such a proliferation of brands that standing out requires more than just a clear message – it must also be paired with a brand identity that is engaging and relevant. The intelligent use of humor can go a long way toward standing out of the crowd.

Contemporary and Modern

The study also found that 47% of Millennials wanted signs that feature contemporary and modern design elements. For them, a stale sign is indicative of a stale business that isn’t keeping up with the latest needs and wants of a mobile, online customer base. In contrast, only 29% of Generation X and 17% of Baby Boomers agreed that modern design is important in business signs.

Sign Professionals

Keeping up the latest design trends can be exhausted, that’s why the graphic designers at Fusion Group USA are to help you turn your idea into a reality that will look professional, keep up with the latest design trends, and help to grow your business the old-fashioned way. Contact us today to see how we can help.

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