Getting People to Share Your Brand

Having trouble getting people to share your stuff on social media? On social media, gaining followers and sharing content is important to relevancy – without shares, you may as well not exist because only a limited number of people (your engaged followers) will pay any attention to you. There are a number of reasons people may not be sharing your content, and there are a few things you can do about it! So why aren’t people sharing your content:

  • Your posts are boring! Even if you think something is engaging and interesting, that doesn’t mean everyone else will. Ask for outside help or opinions when coming up with posts or content, and research what your target market might be interested (keeping it relevant to your brand!). If you’re sharing blog posts or any sort of content, find interesting pictures and come up with creative titles to draw people in. Keep in mind, pictures are always great attention-grabbers while people are scrolling through their newsfeed.
  • Are you making it easy for people to share? If you want people to share your content from your website, be sure to include easy to use share buttons that people can easily access. In addition to this, Make sure that all your privacy settings are set so that people can share to the public. Sometimes without realizing, you may be sharing stuff that can’t be re-shared with different audiences.
  • Don’t only think about your audience. You have to think about your audience’s audience – I know…it sounds a little confusing! Think about it though, people only share what they deem as relevant with their friends and followers. So, when posting something new think about why your followers would share it – is it interesting, funny, informative?
  • You expect people to share your posts and content, and they expect the same out of you! Sharing other people’s posts and content is a great way to be present on social media and make people believe that you are invested in them as followers/prospective customers. It creates an approachable identity on social media that could encourage people to be more active and engaged with you.
  • If you don’t put the time and effort into social media, chances are you’re not going to have good luck with it as a marketing tool. It’s important to give social media the same amount of attention and effort as any other marketing channel – it is after all becoming a standard marketing channel in 21st century business. Creating relevant and engaging content in addition to staying consistent is important to promoting your brand’s image on social media.
  • We’ve said this before in other blog posts…create some sort of incentive! If people share, send them a promo code or coupon. Or you can make it a group effort and ask for a certain number of share, encouraging all your followers to share to reach the goal and then give everyone that participated a promo code or coupon. People love incentives, and nothing catches a person’s attention more than saving some money.

Social media marketing is something that has to be done consistently and with quality in mind. Paying attention to your audience and how they interact with you is essential in building those relationships that are key to social media marketing success. If you’re struggling with social media or you have no clue how to start, give Fusion Group USA a call today. We can help you develop a strategic, realistic plan for social media through consultation or we can do it for you!

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