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Social Media Marketing and Brand Reputation Management


Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is the process of growing a loyal following through various social media sites, and Fusion Group USA creates and manages social media campaigns that promote your business’ image and content across a wide variety of platforms.

By creating marketing plans that build trust and interactive relationships with potential customers, our social media marketing serves to create credibility, brand loyalty, and market authority. Our marketing campaigns follow a simple, three-step process: create and promote content, interact with potential customers, and increase followers.

This method of driving traffic through social media helps to create a brand identity that is trustworthy and responsive – which in turn generates loyal customers that become brand ambassadors.

Why do I need Social Media Marketing?

Having a presence on social media is no longer an option for modern businesses. Customers look for and expect to find businesses on social media – often searching Facebook before turning to Google or Bing. If a social media presence is a business necessity, then it only makes sense that the same care should be applied to social media marketing as to SEOweb designadvertising, and traditional marketing. Here are four reasons why social media marketing is an absolute necessity in today’s market:

  • Consumers are on Social Media:

    People are spending an increasing amount of their time connected to social media in one way or another. It is a classic marketing strategy to reach consumers where they congregate – and in the modern world, people congregate on social media like nowhere else.

  • People are talking about your business:

    Social media is one big conversation, and customers are going to be discussing your business there. Whether it is good or bad, it is a smart to get ahead of any potential issues that arise. Having an active presence on social media allows businesses to interact with consumer questions, complaints, and reviews in a personal and interactive way.

  • Potential customers are searching for your business:

    Social media is increasingly becoming an alternative search engine. Many potential customers are turning to social media to find out basic information about businesses, such as hours of operation, contact information, and user reviews. In today’s world, social media marketing should be getting the same attention as search engine optimization.

  • You’ve worked too hard to ignore it:

    Any business owner has poured their life into creating, sustaining, and growing their business. Far too many resources have been spent on creating a successful business to let a lack of social media presence hurt the bottom line. Your business deserves the exposure that comes from social media marketing.

Our Social Media Services

Our social media marketing efforts cover the entire process – from initial account setup and optimization to user interaction, advertising, and content promotion. We offer full-service social media marketing and advertising campaigns, that include a wide range of services – including:

If you’re totally new to social media we will set up a new account on your chosen social media platforms, or if you have an existing account we will audit and optimize your profile to prepare for a well-rounded social media campaign.

The basis of the social media world is content. From curated to original, reaching potential customers relies on having unique, on-brand, and sharable materials to promote to consumers. We will help in the creation of original content and work to promote that content to your target audience.

Between the proliferation of business profiles and changes to social media algorithms, reaching customers organically is growing increasingly harder. With paid advertising, we can push popular content and messages to targeted demographics, furthering your business’ reach and appeal.

Because we also offer graphic design servicesFusion Group USA can create custom cover images, profile pictures, infographics, and image-based content in-house. Video and image content far outperforms text-only posting, and our campaigns capitalize on our strengths as both a marketing and graphic design firm.

The key to social media success is personal interaction. Modern consumers expect brands to be responsive to their questions, concerns, and complaints – especially on social media. Our social media services include personal-level interaction with consumers on your social media profiles.

Fusion Group USA understands that you will have questions about your social media presence, and so all our social media plans include a dedicated account rep to answer questions and explain the process of our work.

Along with a dedicated account representative, our social media plans offer responsive support via email, phone, and in-person – depending on the level of your plan.

Many social media marketers promise big results, but how can you be sure that you’re getting a return on your investment? At Fusion Group USA, we always offer key performance metrics reports so you can see exactly how social media marketing is helping to drive traffic, generate leads, and grow your business.

Depending on the level of social media marketing, we offer blog writing services, social contests and sweepstakes, regular consultation meetings, and Facebook advertising credits.


Platform Specific Strategies

Each social media platform has its own strengths and weaknesses, and too many social media marketers treat them all the same. At Fusion Group USA, we build campaigns and strategies that focus on the unique strengths of each platform balanced with the needs of your business.

Easily the most popular of the social media platforms, Facebook serves as an excellent social media base. From their high-powered, targeted advertising tools to the level of customer interaction, Facebook provides a platform that thrives on a full-orbed content, advertising, and interactive campaign. If you’ll only have one social media account, Facebook is the one to have.

What started a simple micro-blogging platform has grown into a place for influencers and thought-leaders to develop loyal followings. If you want to develop a reputation as an industry leader, Twitter is a must-have. What’s more, the forced character limit creates a need to present your message in simple and pithy language that will benefit any business. Twitter is also the birth-place of the hashtag, a community building tool that lets users easily find relevant and interesting content.

As an image-driven platform, Instagram is a great vehicle for image-heavy brands and businesses. Brands with a complete style-guide will thrive on Instagram as they can regularly create content that matches with their story, color-choices, fashion-sense, and identity.

A relative newcomer to the social media world, Pinterest has grown rapidly in popularity. If your business regularly relies on informative content, Pinterest is the perfect platform because of its focus on generating creative inspiration and tutorials for its users. Pinterest is also an excellent choice for lifestyle brands, visually based businesses, and blog content.

A professional social media site, LinkedIn is a great fit for business to business sales, professional firms, and promoting in-depth industry-related articles. If your goal is to reach professional with your business, service, or products; then it is hard to beat LinkedIn.

While Google+ hasn’t developed the popularity of Facebook or Twitter, it still provides many advantages to a social media marketing campaign. Because it is linked across Google services, your Google+ page will appear in Google search results for your business. Having a professional and well-developed profile will benefit your SEO and online reputation.

No matter what your business goals are, Fusion Group USA has the experience and know-how to achieve those results through an integrated social media marketing plan that takes advantage of the appropriate platforms to reach your target audience.

Why Chose Us?

Brand Reputation Management

Fusion Group USA cares about your business like you care about your business – and that comes out in the way we approach social media marketing. From the initial meeting our focus in on your goals – what they are, how we can create a custom plan to meet those goals, and how we can exceed your expectations through the strategic use of organic and paid social media marketing techniques.

While many companies try to tackle social media marketing on their own, it too often leads to inconsistent or even abandoned social media accounts. Nothing presents a worse picture than a dead social media page!

Fusion Group USA can help to build a consistent and responsive social media presence that creates customer loyalty, helps SEO rank, and drives traffic to your business. Through account optimization, paid advertising, content creation, and custom designs we will set your business apart from the masses – contact us today to set up an initial consultation and strategy session.

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