SEO Keywords: Strategic & Feasible

The internet is overflowing with information on keyword – strategies, research, and discussions abound from every half-baked SEO blog across the digital landscape. So, what am I doing contributing to this mess?

I wouldn’t do to this you unless I had something semi-unique to offer you. I think that I do here, but I guess I’ll have to let you be the judge of that. Think I’m on to something? Think I’m an idiot? Let me know in the comments, I love a good discussion!

Strategic & Feasible

I had a college professor who was very into military history – not necessarily my thing, but he always had some valuable insights. But the one that stuck with me over the years is this: every target should be simultaneously strategic and feasible.

Strategic targets offer some real value if attained, while feasible targets are within your ability to reach. High-value targets are both – they offer strategic value and are within reach. The concept comes from military strategy, but it is easily applicable to a wide variety of fields – including search engine optimization.

Understanding the Strategy

It isn’t overly complex – but let’s break down the strategic and feasible concept just a bit more. In a given military campaign, there are plenty of options for targets that are feasible but they offer no real strategic value. And there are plenty of options that would win the war, but they are not achievable.

The only way to succeed is to find targets that combine strategic value with feasibility. It is a great of thinking about setting goals – not just in the military but also in the business world.

SEO Implications

So, how does this apply to search engine optimization? We use it as a framework when determining keywords for all of our SEO clients – and it has proved to be a fruitful strategy. There are many businesses that will chase after top keywords but they are totally unachievable. There is no reason for a local business to waste resources trying to compete against Amazon or Wal-Mart – those keywords are not feasible given their resources.

Similarly, many businesses will target low-hanging keywords that are achievable with minimal effort, but they don’t provide any tangible value. Ranking number one for an obscure keyword might be good for your ego, but it doesn’t do much beyond that. It is feasible but not strategic.

One final thing to note about setting feasible goals: it’s no excuse to limit your potential. Set goals that are on the border of unfeasible – otherwise you will limit your growth. At Fusion Group USA, we are always pushing ourselves and we want to help our clients do the same.

Step by Step

The strategy is sound, but it still takes proper implementation to work for your business’ SEO effort. So, here’s how we tackle applying this method to actual search engine optimization clients:

  1. Determine the goals and expectations of our clients. This will help to shape what how we focus the track the rest of the campaign.
  2. Identify strategic keywords. Given the client goals, we determine what keywords will move the needle on their important metrics.
  3. Filter out unachievable keywords. The list of strategic keywords is also much too big and broad, so we thin the herd by focusing on the keywords that have the right amount of traffic. This is based on the resources a client has to dedicate toward the SEO campaign.
  4. Work and Repeat. Any good SEO campaign will take some time to refine and really get rolling. Over the first few months, we track and re-focus our efforts to make sure we are accomplishing our clients’ goals.

There’s nothing really ground-breaking here – it is probably how most high-end SEO firms operate. I’m not under the impression that I invented something new here. Instead, I think it provides a helpful framework for structuring campaigns from initial setup through the refining process.

Search Engine Optimization

There is really no secret recipe for SEO success – it just takes industry knowledge combined with a willingness to put in the hard work. Many businesses get started on an SEO campaign thinking that it just takes a few minutes of writing title tags and optimizing image size. But the truth is that SEO takes a continued focus if you really want to see results.

If you are ready for professional help with your search engine optimization, Fusion Group USA is here to help! We eat, sleep, and breathe SEO – so we are ready to take on whatever challenge you want to throw our way. Contact us today to learn more about our custom SEO monthly packages.

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