SEO Costs: What You Need to Know

For many years, business owners faced a decision about whether they should invest in search engine optimization for their business. Today that is no longer case. Now business owners face a new decision – how much many resources to invest in SEO. Our new digitally-focused landscape has made SEO a requirement for just about every business, and this shift has raised an important question in the mind of many business owners: How much does SEO cost?
Just like any marketing or advertising strategy, search engine optimization will require an investment on your part. That investment is either time or money, but there’s no easy way to get the results your business needs. Calculating the cost of SEO services isn’t easy – you can buy spammy (and harmful) links for a few dollars or you could easily spend thousands in your first month. So just how much should SEO cost?

Finding the Right Plan

When it comes to hiring an SEO firm, there are generally three types of payment models: by-the-service, hourly consulting rate, and a monthly retainer.

  • By-the-Service – this method involves paying for each service your agency provides. It isn’t a common method because there are so many different facets to a good SEO strategy. You aren’t likely to see results from this method, but it is a common onboarding technique from SEO agencies. They offer a single service (like a site audit) for a fee, but the real goal is to sell you on a bigger package. There isn’t much reason to hire an agency this way unless you want to see how they operate – if you go this route, consider it a paid audition.
  • Hourly Consulting – A lot of agencies will offer their services on a per hour basis. But there are very few companies that will benefit from such a structure. Unless you’re doing all your own SEO work and just need help in one or two specialized areas, you are better off avoiding an hourly charge.
  • Monthly Retainers – By far the most common method, a monthly retainer will get you continued SEO work for a regular fee. This way generates the best ROI and the most success – because SEO requires ongoing attention and an evolving strategy.

Determining the Cost of SEO

The cost of SEO services can vary widely – because of differences in site size, services offered, and the quality of the work. In fact, many SEO providers won’t give you any indication of their prices on their website. At Fusion Group USA we know how frustrating that can be! Having to call dozens of companies just for a price quote is a hassle, that is why we provide upfront pricing information directly on our website.
Nationally, SEO firms charge anywhere from $750 to $5,000 per month for a retainer fee. With the majority of those companies coming in between $2,500 and $5,000. For most small to medium sized businesses, that is a deal breaker. That’s why we offer SEO packages that are tailor made for your budget (click here for detailed price info).

  • Essentials – Our entry level SEO package is perfect for businesses that just need a little boost. It includes a full site audit, error identification, and basic content and local optimization (view plan).
  • Standard – Our most popular plan includes everything in the Essentials package; plus link building, local citation audit, and additional on-page optimization (view plan).
  • Plus – For websites competing in more competitive niches, our Plus plan is a great fit. It includes everything in the Standard package, plus content services, extensive local optimization, SEO press releases and more (view plan).
  • Premium – For companies that need to dominate their SEO efforts, we offer the premium package. This all-encompassing plan features a massive link building campaign, onsite support, content re-writing, and optimization for up to 300 keywords and phrases (view plan).

Cost vs. Benefit

At the end of the day, what matters isn’t the cost – it is the benefit to your business. And SEO provides benefits that far outweigh the cost. Ranking in the top three Google results will increase your visibility, clicks, and new business. While we understand that not every business can drop five grand a month of SEO, we know that businesses are foolish to not invest in some level of SEO services.
That is why we designed our services to be available to every business – from the one-man shop that needs a little help to the large company that needs full SEO management. SEO will always cost you resources, but not pursuing SEO will cost you your business.
If your business needs SEO services, Fusion Group USA can help you out! From initial site audit through every step of the process you will receive in-depth reporting and communication so you know exactly where your investment is going and what your return is on that investment. Contact us today to get started!

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