Get the Most from Your Custom Apparel

Screen printed custom apparel is a great way to build brand awareness. Getting your brand on custom apparel has the power to turn clothes wearers (that’s just about every person on earth) into a potential ambassador for your business. That’s a powerful marketing tool!

But before you can unleash an army of tee shirt wearing brand ambassadors, you need to get those people to actually wear your custom apparel. You might be able to force your employees to wear them or guilt your friends and family into it, but how do you get people to wear your apparel strictly because they want to?

It generally comes down to three factors: fit, design, and comfort.

The Perfect Fit

You’re buying apparel for a large group of people, so you might not find the absolute perfect fit. But that doesn’t mean you should settle for the cheapest, boxy tee shirt that you can find. When it comes time to select your apparel, keep your target customer in mind.

The perfect fitting garment will vary depending on your audience. Do you sell fitness gear? Craft beer? Hunting supplies? Each of those markets will prefer a different fit and style to their clothes. You should consider fabric and style when selecting your custom apparel.

Appealing Designs

Nobody wants to wear an ugly shirt. So, slapping your logo on the left chest isn’t going to inspire people to wear your custom apparel. Be willing to think outside the box a little bit when it comes to the design of your garments. Get online and see what’s popular or take a look at what your existing customers are wearing and go from there.

If you are investing in custom clothes, it is worth looking into hiring a professional graphic designer to help. They will have experience in creating an eye-catching design that resonates with your target audience. The key here is to balance unique design while maintaining a recognizable brand. It’s a balancing act, but worth the effort when it works.

Comfort Matters

People are willing to suffer some discomfort for fashion’s sake, but chances are your custom apparel isn’t going for the high fashion crowd. When you’re pushing hats, tee shirts, and tank tops; comfort is the name of the game.

You can get a cheap cotton shirt and save a few bucks, but it will spend its life a drawer. If your goal is to get people to wear your custom apparel, it’s worth investing a few extra dollars to get a comfortable garment.

Custom Garment Services

A lot of custom apparel providers are more concerned about closing deals than helping to grow your brand. At Fusion Group USA, we believe in supporting our clients through the entire process – from garment selection and graphic design to order fulfillment.

Contact us today to learn about all our custom apparel and promotional product offerings.

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