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Promotional products can be anything with your name or logo printed on it – pens, t-shirts, coffee mugs, stress balls, and the list goes on and on! Giving people products with your name on it actually helps your business in a number of ways. In a recent marketing study, 76% of people who had received a promotional item in the last year said they remembered the name on the promotional product and 75% of people continued using that product because it was useful to them in some way.

Think about it, you’re an outdoor goods store that is struggling. Springtime hits and it’s an opportunity to get the word out – throw some printed Frisbees and neon sunglasses with your logo out there to some college kids right before spring break! Not only are you getting brand exposure, you’re letting a specific demographic know that you offer products targeted to them. You’re giving away free stuff that is appealing to that age group, and letting them know that you have products that they may be interested in for their spring break adventures! If you choose the right product and print your name or logo on it in an appealing way, it serves as a very profitable advertising tool. Fusion Group USA can help you pick out an item that is not only creative and fun but increases your brand exposure and recognition. So how can promotional products help your business?

Promotional Product Options

The first way a business can benefit from promotional items is, of course, promoting business! Having items out in the hands of consumers is a powerful tool because they see and use it daily, and other people see them using it. If it is a useful item, like a pen or a flash drive, which is used every day it will boost brand recognition. By ensuring that you are printing useful and popular items, consumers will be more likely to consistently use them and remember who you are. Promotional Products Association International did a study on the items that they print, and rated the most popular items among consumers:

  1. Food or consumable items
  2. Wearable items (t-shirts, caps, jackets, etc.)
  3. Digital items (flash drives, computer mouse pads, etc.) OR bags and notebooks
  4. Writing utensils
  5. Entertainment items (books, puzzles, games, etc.)

You probably have a few of these promotional items lying around right now!

Build Brand Recognition

Giving out promotional items could build brand recognition and promote your business, but there is another way it helps you as a business owner. You are creating an image for your business, one that tells consumers that you want their business and you are willing to give them something free just to get your name out there. It also starts a conversation with the consumer. If you are at a trade show or an event trying to promote your business, handing out items to passerby may inspire questions, “So I see your logo here, what do you guys do?” or at the very least you’ll get a “thank you.” L.J. Market Research found that 52% of people given a promotional item ended up doing business with that particular company while 48% of people said they would be more likely do business with that company rather than someone else. It opens the door to more business by demonstrating value to potential consumers.

Creating a positive image and reputation among consumers while advertising your business are the biggest reasons to utilize promotional items. Fusion Group USA can print anything that you can think of and has over 3,000 suppliers. From pens to floating key chains to antenna toppers, Fusion Group USA can find you something that is cost-effective, high quality, and definitive of your business and brand. To check out what Fusion Group USA has to offer, visit and if you have any questions or an idea for your next promotional item, feel free to give us a call!

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