Promotional Products: Spotlight on Tech

Promotional products have come along way over the last few years. The old standards are still available, but so is a whole host of new products. There’s no longer an excuse to settle for the same old stuff when it’s time to promote your business with a physical product. There’s a whole range of products available, limited only by your imagination.

There are now so many products out there that the problem is narrowing your options down – it isn’t easy to pick two or three favorites from over a million options! So if you’re struggling with how to narrow down your choices – here’s a spotlight on the latest promotion product offerings in the world of technology.

Lasting Impact

When it comes to promotional products, the key is finding something that is exciting but also useful. The more the customer uses the product, the more exposure you get.

Over the last decade technology has become a huge part of our everyday lives – going from a luxury option to a daily essential. and providing a golden opportunity to capitalize on a promotional product. Almost everyone uses their phone daily – for work, to check social media, for music and movies, and to check the news; and there is also tablets, computers, internet-connected household appliances, and more. Here are five technology-related pieces of promotional tech that can make an impact for your business:

  • Power Bank – One of the most frustrating things about phone usage is keeping track of the battery life. There’s nothing worse that running out of juice right before you hit send on that important email or snap the perfect photo. Enter the portable power bank – these pocket-sized devices can be carried with you to provide that extra little bit of power right when you need it. Simply plug your phone into the charged power bank and you’re up and running again. The day has been saved and all thanks to the generosity of your company!
  • Bluetooth Speaker – The proliferation of phones has given us access to music and movies anywhere and anytime. The only problem is listen to that music from the low-quality speaker on your phone. A wireless Bluetooth speaker (prominently featuring your brand’s logo) is just the thing to deliver the crisp sound that your favorite song deserves.
  • Headphones – Sometimes publicly blasting your music isn’t practical – or polite – but that’s no reason to leave the tunes at home. Consider giving headphones as your next promotional product – running from inexpensive earbuds to name-brand full headphones that deliver studio quality sound.
  • Fit Tracker – Another huge trend in promotional products is fitness. Combine the two with the latest in fitness tracking technology. These slim bracelets track anything from steps taken to calories burned and sent the data directly to your phone for later analysis.
  • USB Hubs – As the number of devices in our lives increases, so does our need to connect them. USB hubs provide the ability to connect multiple devices together or with a computer. These little contraptions make sharing data easier as well as allow you to save time plugging and unplugging USB devices from your computer.

Stand out from the Crowd

Promotional products are always a good way to promote your business, but that reach is amplified when you’re offering products that resonate with consumers’ needs. Having the latest, most innovative, and original products will firmly cement your brand in the minds of consumers.

Let Fusion Group USA help guide your next promotional product buy – whether you have a specific product in mind or want to explore your options give us a call today to see how we can deliver the results your business deserves.

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