Promotional Products: Fun and Games

Promotional products are, year after year, one of the most successful way to build brand exposure. They make a lasting impact on customers, build customer loyalty, and generate a better return on investment than any other promotional activity. This month we highlight five (and one bonus) promotional products that bring an element of fun – games, sports equipment, and more!

  1. Cornhole – A highly popular game that lends itself well to promotional materials. The large board allows for a massive impact every time consumers break out the game for a backyard BBQ
  2. Playing Cards – Another highly used product that features a large, easily visible imprint area; playing cards are a great way to get your brand into consumer’s hands – literally!
  3. Golf – Easily a topic all on its own, golf accessories offer a nearly endless supply of popular choices. Options include balls, towels, ball markers, divot fixers, and multi-tools. We can also provide custom printed golf apparel – hats, visors, shirts, and even shoes.
  4. Sport balls – From sport team rally events to family-friendly events, custom imprinted footballs (or baseballs, basketballs, etc.) are a great option to build brand awareness. A promotional ball is a great way to stick around for the long haul.
  5. Tabletop Games – We offer a wide range of tabletop game promotional products. Options include dominos, custom dice, Jenga, chess, and a whole host of novelty and custom games.
  6. Bonus: Because of that beautiful picture above we thought you should know that we can do custom printing foosball tables – if you really want to make an impact!

Tapping into a sense of fun is a great way to express customer or employee appreciation while building your brand’s reputation. And choosing products that resonate with customers will ensure that your promotional invest sticks around for a long time.
When it’s time for your next promotional push, check out our promotional product site and browse our impressive selection of products. Or if you’d prefer a little guidance on your search for the perfect promotional product, give us a call and we can help you pick just the right product to grow your business.

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